Nicole Nafziger Shares Cozy Pics with Azan While STRANDED in Morocco

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Last week, we wondered if Nicole Nafziger would end up stranded in Morocco during the coronavirus pandemic that has turned society upside down.

Well, we hate to bring bad news.

Her two-week vacation in Morocco to reunite with Azan Tefou may end up lasting longer than intended.

But despite the shutdown of flights and the bans on restaurant dining and public gatherings, Nicole has been enjoying herself.

She has posted a bunch of new photos -- of herself, of Azan, and of Morocco.

Take a look below:

1. Nicole and Azan are reunited!

Nicole and Azan are reunited!
Nicole shared this photo of her having a night out with Azan Tefou, her long time long-distance fiance. Don't worry, though -- she assures her followers that this pic was snapped days before Morocco issued a nationwide ban on dining out or public gatherings. Unfortunately, the government also put a stop to plane flights.

2. It's been a long time coming

It's been a long time coming
Nicole and Azan have not seen each other in person in ages. That doesn't mean that they can't talk every day, of course, but when you're in love, it's not the same thing.

3. Nicole has been building up hype

Nicole has been building up hype
She told fans weeks before that she had an upcoming trip, but for ages, left people guessing. Some thought that she would meet up with Azan at a "neutral" location, like their (failed) Grenada vacation. Others more cynically suspected that she was just gearing up to go to Disney World.

4. Then, Nicole made it clear

Then, Nicole made it clear
She flashed some cash, and these weren't American dollars. Fans concluded that it was either a trick or that she was 100% headed to Morocco.

5. This time, it's a solo trip.

This time, it's a solo trip.
Her mother, Bobbalee, went with her to the airport so that she can take the car back. May, who turned 6 weeks earlier, has been staying with Bobbalee while Nicole is gone. Who doesn't love two weeks with their grandmother?

6. There she goes!

There she goes!
Announcing that the visit would take two weeks, Nicole kept fans apprised, even sharing this pic as she boarded her first flight.

7. The photo journal continued

The photo journal continued
This time, there are no 90 Day Fiance cameras following her progress. So Nicole has to film it herself ... but it also means that she's free to share whatever she likes, in real time. Here she is flying over Spain.

8. She had a comfy flight!

She had a comfy flight!
Nicole actually upgraded to Comfort Plus for her longest flight, which was a wise decision, even if that grade of seating sounds like a toilet paper brand.

9. Bye, Paris!

Bye, Paris!
It's so funny, because the idea of freely flying between Europe, the US, and Morocco was so normal just a month ago, and right now most responsible states have banned large gatherings and shut down sit-down restaurants. Life comes at you fast!

10. Even at the time, things were different ...

Even at the time, things were different ...
The pandemic had already begun, and Nicole got to enjoy extra room for herself (and, we hope, some lower ticket prices).


"My love," Nicole gushed after reuniting with her longtime fiance. Note that we don't have an airport meetup pic -- this was their first time meeting at an airport without 90 Day Fiance's cameras there to capture the moment.

12. Nicole's enjoying herself

Nicole's enjoying herself
She had stated beforehand that she was psyched to have Moroccan tea again.

13. And tajine!

And tajine!
This savory stew, made of meat, veggies, and fruit, is one of Nicole's favorites. Oh, this looks so good.

14. Look!

PDA is strongly frowned upon in Moroccan culture, as displays of affection are reserved for behind closed doors beyond quick hugs or a stolen kiss. But this is so cute.

15. They enjoyed dining together

They enjoyed dining together
Since Morocco banned dining out in restaurants or other public gatherings, however, we're sure that they've been eating at home.

16. Look at how much fun they've been having!

Look at how much fun they've been having!
Nicole recorded this cute little snippet of Azan, who initially thought that she was taking a stationary selfie and not a video.

17. Beautiful architecture

Beautiful architecture
Nicole has quite an eye for gorgeous sights and has been snapping and sharing pics with fans.

18. Lovely homes

Lovely homes
Look at these beautiful houses! Sometimes, white supremacist notions of what other parts of the world look like can make people forget reality. We know that, for certain fans of 90 Day Fiance, Morocco conjures up something that they saw in a Sinbad movie, which is wrong for a lot of reasons.

19. Gorgeous views

Gorgeous views
Without a point of reference, it's hard to say what's a sunrise or sunset, but this feels more like a sunset, right? It's gorgeous, regardless.

20. Good for them!

Good for them!
In the face of this devastating global pandemic, Morocco has opted to band public gatherings and to ground all flights. In the early weeks of this, it can really help to slow the inevitable spread and avoid triage situations at hospitals. But does this leave Nicole stranded with Azan?

21. Yes ... sort of

Yes ... sort of
At present, there are no flights from Morocco to the US. Embassies all over the globe have been shrugging at concerned US citizens because the US's executive brand has been bungling this situation from the get-go. However, the UK has arranged a limited number of flights from Morocco to London. It is reported that Americans can also take advantage of this limited deal. At that point, they have to find a way to the US from London.

22. Obviously, some fans have been cracking jokes

Obviously, some fans have been cracking jokes
After the news about Morocco banning travel hit, some 90 Day Fiance fans joked that this was just as Nicole had planned. Obviously, the financial logistics of any vacation mean that nobody PLANS to get stuck somewhere.

23. Besides!

Obviously, Nicole does not want to be away from her precious daughter for longer than planned. Two weeks is enough!

24. This is a weird situation

This is a weird situation
We don't know if Nicole has a plan in place to return home (especially since flying to London doesn't solve her problem, just changes it) under these extraordinary circumstnaces.

25. Good luck, Nicole!

Good luck, Nicole!
We hope that she and Azan remain safe during this ongoing crisis. We're still only in the early weeks of the pandemic. Things are likely to remain weird for MONTHS. We hope to see Nicole at home with her family soon!

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