The Bachelorette Fans Got So Mad at Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un Last Night

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On Monday night, President Donald Trump shook hands with Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un, as the heads of these countries met for the first time ever in an attempt to negotiate a nuclear arms treaty.

But ABC viewers didn't care!

Becca Kufrin was playing football with her suitors and trying to determine who deserved an all-important rose!

Indeed, the network broke into The Bachelorette more than halfway through its latest installment in order to cover the aforementioned history meeting... much to the chagrin and extreme anger of many viewers.

Who cares about the fate of the free world when we aren't certain yet of Jordan's fate on Season 14?!?

Scroll down to read through the funniest Tweets in response to this very rude interruption:

1. It Was Quite the Episode!

It Was Quite the Episode!
Two men went to the hospital! One man confronted his ex-girlfriend! Becca had very difficult decisions to make! You can read our recap HERE.

2. I'm Getting Mildly Upset!

I'm Getting Mildly Upset!
This person had an admittedly "mild" response to the interrupting. But he appeared to be in the minority, as you're about to find out.

3. Who Does ABC Think It Is?!?

Who Does ABC Think It Is?!?
A network in charge of its own programming and trying to bring as much important information to viewers as possible?!? Come on.

4. Trump, Schlump!

Trump, Schlump!
Can we please return to male model Jordan and all his hilariously ridiculous quotes? I watch TV to get away from the President, thank you very much!

5. It Was Just a Handshake!

It Was Just a Handshake!
What about Becca actually getting to first base with her suitors? At minimum!

6. So... Much... Drama

So... Much... Drama
Some viewers at least recognized the drama between parties involved, even if there was no rose to be handed out at the end of this meeting.

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