Kardashian Family Members' Net Worth: Ranked! Insane!!

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Were it not for the seminal (tee-hee, see what we did there) cinematic masterpiece known as the Kim Kardashian sex tape, there would be no Kardashian media empire to speak of.

A decade after the film's release, however, the infamous Ray J-produced romp has essentially spawned America's second-most famous family of fame-obsessed egomaniacs.

Yes, proving again that the Kard clan has far more staying power than its harshest critics feared, it's hard to keep up with their wealth.

In addition to the OGs, the younger sisters of Kourtney, Kim, and Khloe are raking in bank, and showing zero signs of slowing down.

How much cash are we talking about here?

Here's the net worth for each family member, which may surprise you, at least as far as who's on top of the Kardashian money pile.

But we begin with this underachiever ...

1. Rob Kardashian: Estimated Net Worth, $2.5 Million

Rob Kardashian: Estimated Net Worth, $2.5 Million
Look, don't get us wrong. Most people on this planet would kill for a net worth of $2,500,000. In this family, though, that's pretty embarrassing. Aside from that line of socks that Kris made him slap his name on, Rob's business ventures are non-existent. His short-lived TV return with Blac Chyna flamed out faster than their combustible relationship. That net worth may be on the decline, too, as Chyna takes him for all she can for the next 17 years. Might want to start sending out resumes, Rob.

2. Scott Disick: Estimated Net Worth, $15 Million

Scott Disick: Estimated Net Worth, $15 Million
The Lord's bank account may not hold a candle to the mother of his kids and her siblings, but an eight-figure net worth for partying and fornicating your life away? Not bad for a talentless, 35-year-old hanger-on. Well played?

3. Kendall Jenner: Estimated Net Worth, $18 Million (and Rising)

Kendall Jenner: Estimated Net Worth, $18 Million (and Rising)
As Steve Harvey reminded us, during the Kard clan's landmark recent appearance on Family Feud, Kendall was the highest paid model in the world in 2017. But walking the runway doesn't pay what it used to ... at least compared to her mom and siblings. A modest $18 million net worth for Kendall isn't terrible though. Keep your chin up, girl.

4. A Financial Plan of Attack

A Financial Plan of Attack
But even though she's currently the lowest-earning among her sisters, those who analyze this sort of thing closely say Kendall might be the most financially savvy. How so?

5. Branching Out

Branching Out
The biggest money may be in reality TV and social media influencing, but Kendall is looking at the big picture and refusing to put all her eggs in one basket, focusing on a modeling career that - by and large - depends on her own work, not her family's endeavors. Will it pay off? Most likely, Whatever happens, she's not dependent on the E! Network and Instagram for her cash flow, and she also lives more under the radar than most.

6. Kourtney Kardashian: Estimated Net Worth, $35 Million

Kourtney Kardashian: Estimated Net Worth, $35 Million
Yes, the mother of three and former partner of Scott Disick is worth almost twice as he is, and nearly double Kendall. Her work might not be as high-profile, but those who know Kourtney best say she stays on her grind 24/7, and we don't just mean working out like a woman possessed to keep up those insane curves.

7. The Family Business

The Family Business
Kourtney's earnings come primarily from her work on Keeping Up With the Kardashians (fans may not realize that she's an executive producer, as well as one of the show's stars) and her social media endorsement deals with brands like Lyfe Tea. Not a bad Lyfe if you can get it.

8. Fun Fact:

Fun Fact:
A true visionary, Kourtney was actually the first member of the family to make a foray into reality TV. In 2005, she starred in a single season of the season of show Filthy Rich: Cattle Drive, in which heirs and heiresses were made to work as ranch hands. And you thought you knew everything about the Kards!

9. Khloe Kardashian: Estimated Net Worth, $40 Million

Khloe Kardashian: Estimated Net Worth, $40 Million
Sure Khloe's had a rough year, what with the Tristan Thompson cheating scandal and all, and she's got a kid to support now, but she continues to pull in fat stacks from her many lucrative business ventures. You can always bank on Khloe to shill for something, shamelessly and effectively.

10. The Spinoff Queen

The Spinoff Queen
Khloe is often regarded as the funniest and most naturally charming of the Kardashians, which may be why she's been able to star in so many spinoffs. None of which have been all that successful, but hey, she's always getting more work.

11. A One-Woman Network

A One-Woman Network
In addition to Keeping Up with the Kardashians and a sporadic spinoff series in which she and Kourtney briefly live in different cities, Khloe hosted a show actually called Kocktails with Khloe on the FYI channel, and on Revenge Body on E! No word on whether she will executive produce Revenge Body 2, in which she murders Tristan and disposes of his body in the ocean, Dexter style.

12. Kris Jenner: Estimated Net Worth, $60 Million

Kris Jenner: Estimated Net Worth, $60 Million
What's a family business without a momager? Kris outearns several of her daughters, but only because she's in the position of managing their profitable careers ... which are worth hundreds of millions in total.

13. The Keeping Up Queen

The Keeping Up Queen
Kris not only executive produces Keeping Up with the Kardashians, she's also credited with pitching the show to Ryan Seacrest back in 2007. In other words, she's taking plenty off the top. If you know what we mean.

14. Spending Money to Make Money

Spending Money to Make Money
Of course, the best thing Kris did for her bank account was give birth to five bankable daughters. She took a bit of a loss on Rob, but still a pretty good track record. Just kidding, Rob! But not really, talk about a black sheep and probably a net loss. No way she didn't spend more than $2.5M on raising that dude. And for what. FOR WHAT?!

15. Caitlyn Jenner: Estimated Net Worth, $100 Million

Caitlyn Jenner: Estimated Net Worth, $100 Million
Caitlyn is worth $100 million, breaking the nine-figure mark thanks to years of appearances on Keeping Up with the Kardashians and later I Am Cait. Lest we forget, the former Bruce Jenner was also a big deal, raking in the dough from post-Olympics speaking tours and endorsement deals. Remember that Wheaties “Breakfast of Champions” box? Bruuuuuuuuce.

16. New Doors Are Opening

New Doors Are Opening
Cait may be loaded, but she spent a fortune to become Cait, and has never shied away from the spotlight - or money-making ventures. She also published a memoir about her transition from male to female, The Secrets of My Life, and as an icon of the transgender community, we expect her earning potential still has considerable upside.

17. Kim Kardashian: Estimated Net Worth, $350 Million

Kim Kardashian: Estimated Net Worth, $350 Million
Kim continues to rake in an absolutely insane amount of cash. Believe it or not, she's believed to be worth even more than her husband, Kanye West, whose holdings are estimated in the $160 million range. So combined, Kim and 'Ye are almost halfway to billionaire baller status. Kim-yay!

18. Always Hustling

Always Hustling
Obviously, Kim earns major bucks as a reality star and influencer, but she's come along way from the days of Ray J putting it to her and Kris Jenner "leaking" the video for publicity. Kim is an independent, savvy businesswoman with several irons in the fire at all times.

19. How Does She Do It?

How Does She Do It?
In addition to cosmetics, Kim’s social media presence, mobile game, endorsement deals and Keeping Up with the Kardashians money have all contributed to her whopping worth. And hey, she can pretty much take credit for all of her siblings’ fortunes. Much like Kylie, Kim’s beauty line KKW has become her personal kash kow. She came in at number 54 on Forbes‘ fourth annual America’s Richest Self-Made Women list. Self-made in air quotes, but whatever. She's loaded.

20. Kylie Jenner: Estimated Net Worth, $900 MILLION!!!

Kylie Jenner: Estimated Net Worth, $900 MILLION!!!
Kim has officially ceded the throne to the new number one CEO in the Kard clan - 20-year-old mother of one Kylie Jenner - and by a long shot, to boot. Nine hundred million dollars.

21. Makeup Mogul

Makeup Mogul
We should say that Kylie's earnings are the hardest to estimate, but we know that her cosmetics line is currently valued at $800 million and is expected to break the $1 billion barrier in the next two years.

22. Goddess of the 'Gram

Goddess of the 'Gram
Kylie is also the top earner on social media. An analytics firm recently determined that she's paid upwards of $1 million for each sponsored post. Not a bad side hustle.

23. Coming For You, Zuck

Coming For You, Zuck
Her entirely self-owned beauty brand, along with endorsements, her clothing line and TV paychecks, have all contributed to value the young star at $900 million, and she’s projected to become the youngest “self-made” billionaire ever, surpassing even Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg. Wow.

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