Jenelle Evans: See Her Latest, Potentially ILLEGAL Parenting Fail!

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Look, Jenelle Evans isn't some world-class thinker, OK?

And that's perfectly fine. Most of us aren't.

But still, after all she's been through, you'd think she'd learn something.


Unfortunately, it seems like that's never happened, and so we have situations like this one where Jenelle exposes her own questionable parenting and opens the door for tons of well-earned criticism.

So what did she do this time?

1. Where to Begin?

Where to Begin?
Jenelle, she ... well, she's made a lot of bad choices.

2. Our Girl

Our Girl
It's interesting though, because she makes such a wide variety of them.

3. Memories

Remember when she was with Kieffer, and she stole her mom's credit card and did heroin on national television?

4. Hey, Bud!

Hey, Bud!
Or when she thought it was a good idea to get pregnant so soon with Nathan Griffith that when her test was positive, she wasn't sure if she was really pregnant or if it was just "leftovers" from the abortion she'd recently had after divorcing Courtland Rogers?

5. Ugh

Or when she chose to marry David Eason, and every single second she's spent with him since?

6. Fact

Those are all good examples of some life-alteringly terrible choices she's made.

7. On the Bright Side ...

On the Bright Side ...
But still, even Jenelle can't make those kinds of catastrophic decisions all day, every day, you know?)

8. An Exception

An Exception
(Except the one about staying with David, that's going to wreck her whole entire life probably, and every day she stays with him just makes it worse.)

9. Yay?

Instead, she spends most of her time making bad choices that, in comparison to some of the other ones, don't seem so bad, but that are still definitely not great.

10. Sorry

In fact, "not great" would be a decent way to sum up the things this girl does.

11. Seriously Though

Seriously Though
Are you picking up what we're putting down here? Jenelle is kind of simple and despite all she's been through and all the backlash she's gotten, she still can't figure out how to be an OK person.

12. Earned It

Earned It
You know all those times she makes questionable posts on social media and gets called out for it? Yeah, this is one of those times.

13. Two Kids!

Two Kids!
So Jenelle posted a series of pictures yesterday, beginning with this one of Kaiser and Ensley.

14. And the Third!

And the Third!
Then there was this picture of Jace riding a four-wheeler without a shirt on.

15. The Whole Gang

The Whole Gang
And then there was this one of all three kids playing on the swingset (Maryssa must have been doing the laundry or something).

16. Sure

"I’ve got some cool kids!" she captioned these photos. "Creating the best childhood ever."

17. Right, Right

Right, Right
She also used a "country living" hashtag, because she's gotten super into that now that she's with David.

18. Hmm ...

Hmm ...
So what's the problem here?

19. As Always

As Always
Lots of things!

20. The Comments

The Comments
Let's look to the comment section of her post to check them out, all right?

21. Going for It

Going for It
"If that’s what you consider a good childhood then ok I guess," one person wrote -- pretty vague but still pretty harsh.

22. I Mean ...

I Mean ...
And certainly fair, if you consider everything we know about the family outside of these three photos.

23. Oh Dang

Oh Dang
One person didn't hold back at all, commenting with "Such beautiful children to have such a foul, filthy-mouthed mother!"

24. Cold!

Someone else left this masterful comment: "Your 'cool kids' look unhappy and miserable as usual. Poor Eggsley has her usual snotty face and in one picture she only has one boot on and a muddy knee. And shouldn’t the boys have shirts on right now? It’s time for some “professional photos” done. Maybe ask @mackedwards95."

25. Oh, Ensley

Oh, Ensley
That one's a little much, honestly, but it does bring up some good points, one being that Ensley has a runny nose, and considering the fact that she had the flu just a few weeks ago, maybe she shouldn't be outside in the cold.

26. Also This

Also This
Because, just in case you hadn't heard, it's really, really cold right now, even down South where Jenelle lives. There have been a few warmer days here and there, but probably not warm enough for kids to run around outside without shirts.

27. Finish Her

Finish Her
Another comment got away from the weather and just cut deep with "Being with man after man while your son gets raised by his grams while you also get pregnant multiple times isn’t a good childhood sweetie."

28. Here We Go

Here We Go
And then came the comments about Jace's photo.

29. What a Nightmare

What a Nightmare
Here's where things go from being normal criticism to accusations of breaking the law.

30. True

"They are cool but Jace should not be driving a 4 wheeler without a shirt. Smh," one person wrote.

31. Not Old Enough?

Not Old Enough?
"That boy isn’t old enough to ride on a 4 wheeler smh" someone else told her

32. Huh?

According to one of her followers, "He should have a shirt on some protection god forbid he falls but I see way u react to comments you say he’s just sitting on it not ridding to justify an honest mistake."

33. Some Advice

Some Advice
A well-meaning fan told her to "please look into chest protectors for the kids when riding. There are a lot of chest crush injuries that are deadly. I didn't put one on my daughter for the first couple of years but as soon as I heard about it we got one for her. Thank you for always sharing these great pictures with us."

34. Uh Oh

Uh Oh
Then one person came in with the facts.

35. The Law

The Law
"According to NC ATV age laws, Children under the age of eight years old are not permitted to operate an ATV. Children between the ages of 8 and 12 are not permitted to operate an ATV with an engine larger than 70 cubic centimeters. Larger ATVs are permissible for children between the ages of 12 and 16, but the engine must still be smaller than 90 cubic centimeters."

36. The Big Question

The Big Question
So is Jenelle breaking the law here?

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