The Bachelor Season 21 Contestants: Meet Nick's Ladies!

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The Bachelor premieres January 2 on ABC, and photos and names for the full slate of Season 21 contestants have just been revealed!

They hail from all over creation, but have one thing in common: 

All are looking for love, and/or 15 minutes of reality TV fame.

Meet the 30 women who will vie for Nick Viall's heart - and follow the link for The Bachelor spoilers to learn who wins it (spoiler alert)!

1. Alexis (The Bachelor)

Alexis (The Bachelor)
Alexis, 23, is an aspiring dolphin trainer, from Secaucus, New Jersey. That's different!

2. Angela (The Bachelor)

Angela (The Bachelor)
Angela, 26, is a model from Greenville, South Carolina.

3. Astrid (The Bachelor)

Astrid (The Bachelor)
Astrid, 26, is a plastic-surgery office manager, from Tampa, Florida.

4. Briana (The Bachelor)

Briana (The Bachelor)
Briana, 28, is a surgical unit nurse, from Salt Lake City.

5. Brittany (The Bachelor)

Brittany (The Bachelor)
Brittany, 26, is a travel nurse, from Santa Monica, Calif.

6. Corrine (The Bachelor)

Corrine (The Bachelor)
Corrine, 24, is a business owner from Miami, Florida.

7. Christen (The Bachelor)

Christen (The Bachelor)
Christen, 25, is a wedding videographer, from Tulsa, Oklahoma.

8. Danielle L. (The Bachelor)

Danielle L. (The Bachelor)
Danielle L., 27, is a small-business owner from Los Angeles.

9. Danielle M. (The Bachelor)

Danielle M. (The Bachelor)
Danielle M., 31, is a neonatal nurse from Nashville.

10. Dominique (The Bachelor)

Dominique (The Bachelor)
Dominique, 25, is a restaurant server from Los Angeles.

11. Elizabeth S. (The Bachelor)

Elizabeth S. (The Bachelor)
Elizabeth S., 24, is a marketing manager from Dallas.

12. Elizabeth W. (The Bachelor)

Elizabeth W. (The Bachelor)
Elizabeth (or "Liz" for short) W., 29, is a doula, and lives in Las Vegas.

13. Hailey (The Bachelor)

Hailey (The Bachelor)
Hailey, 23, is a photographer from Vancouver, British Columbia.

14. Ida Marie (The Bachelor)

Ida Marie (The Bachelor)
Ida Marie, 23, is a sales manager, from Harlingen, Texas.

15. Jaimi (The Bachelor)

Jaimi (The Bachelor)
Jaimi, 28, is a chef, from the great city of New Orleans.

16. Jasmine B. (The Bachelor)

Jasmine B. (The Bachelor)
Jasmine B., 25, flight attendant, Tacoma, Washington.

17. Jasmine G. (The Bachelor)

Jasmine G. (The Bachelor)
Jasmine G., 29, is a pro-basketball dancer from San Francisco.

18. Josephine (The Bachelor)

Josephine (The Bachelor)
Josephine, 24, is an unemployed nurse, from Santa Cruz, California.

19. Kristina (The Bachelor)

Kristina (The Bachelor)
Kristina, 24, is a dental hygienist from Lexington, Kentucky.

20. Lacey (The Bachelor)

Lacey (The Bachelor)
Lacey, 25, is a digital-marketing manager from New York City.

21. Lauren (The Bachelor Season 21)

Lauren (The Bachelor Season 21)
Lauren, 30, is a law school graduate, from Naples, Florida.

22. Michelle (The Bachelor)

Michelle (The Bachelor)
Michelle, 24, is a food-truck owner from Los Angeles.

23. Olivia (The Bachelor)

Olivia (The Bachelor)
Olivia, 25, is an apparel sales representative from Nashville.

24. Rachel (The Bachelor)

Rachel (The Bachelor)
Rachel, 31, is an attorney from Dallas, in the Lone Star State.

25. Raven Gates (The Bachelor)

Raven Gates (The Bachelor)
Raven Gates, 25, is a fashion boutique owner from Hoxie, Arkansas.

26. Sarah (The Bachelor)

Sarah (The Bachelor)
Sarah, 26, grade school teacher, Newport Beach, California.

27. Susannah (The Bachelor)

Susannah (The Bachelor)
Susannah, 26, is an account manager from San Diego.

28. Taylor (The Bachelor)

Taylor (The Bachelor)
Taylor, 23, is a mental-health counselor from Seattle.

29. Vanessa Grimaldi (The Bachelor)

Vanessa Grimaldi (The Bachelor)
Vanessa Grimaldi, 29, is a special-education teacher from Montreal.

30. Whitney (The Bachelor)

Whitney (The Bachelor)
Whitney, 25, is a pilates instructor from Chanhassen, Minnesota.

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