Dad Drives Daughter to Tears with Story of Falling for Her Mom

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I'm writing an essay about my parents and hearing this from my dad about my mom made me cry. 27 years of marriage.

So wrote a girl named Sydney on Twitter, explaining to followers the basis behind the multitude of text messages from her father that subsequently appeared on her page.

Why did these text messages make her cry? You'll soon find out.

Just be warned: you may want to purchase a box of Kleenex and have it handy before you read any further...

1. This is Sydney

This is Sydney
She had no idea what to expect when she asked her dad about falling in love with her mom. But we're guessing she never would have expected the heartfelt words that follow...

2. The Assignment:

The Assignment:
Simple enough, right? But we need to take a much closer look at these details text messages...

3. The Romance Started as a Joke:

The Romance Started as a Joke:
Not often you see a Star Wars reference in this context? Also: "My beautiful queen." Our hearts are melting already.

4. From There:

From There:
The dad doesn't pretend that this was a fairy tale. There were rough patches.

5. R2D2 Forever!

R2D2 Forever!
No wonder Sydney is crying. She saved her parents' marriage!

6. All in the Family:

All in the Family:
Okay, great. Now WE'RE crying, too.

7. The Perfect Life:

The Perfect Life:
Dak Prescott has been impressive. But not as impressive as your mom! (Text continues below.)

8. Heaven Lost a Angel

Heaven Lost a Angel
But this man and his three kids apparently gained a savior.

9. Tears. ALL THE TEARS.

And we thought we'd never cry as hard as we did watching The Notebook.

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