Ronnie Ortiz-Magro, Jen Harley Expecting Baby #2?! Jersey Shore Stars Finally Address Pregnancy Rumors [EXCLUSIVE]

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Even ardent supporters would admit that the relationship of Ronnie Ortiz-Magro and Jen Harley has been a wild ride.

Tumultuous from the start, the romance was one that many fans assumed would flame out in spectacular fashion.

Instead, judging by recent pregnancy rumors swirling around the Internet, it looks like they're taking a MAJOR step forward.

Or are they?

There are some who believe these two are simply cashing in on the hype surrounding their relationship any way they can.

There are others who believe it's the media blowing everything out of proportion and misreading their social posts.

We've reached out to a source close to the couple to exclusively get to the bottom of this. Here's what we know so far:

1. The Happy Family

The Happy Family
Ronnie and Jen have posted photos, such as this one on Instagram, that certainly make it look as she's expecting her second child. At least that's the conclusion many observers have jumped to.

2. Last Year's Bump?

Last Year's Bump?
However, there are many skeptics who believe that Jen has been posting pics from last year, when she was pregnant with daughter Ariana, in order to manufacture some hype.

3. A Curious Announcement

A Curious Announcement
Ronnie posted a pic of Jen's bump to his Instagram page, along with a link to a Celebuzz! article speculating that he and Jen are engaged and expecting. [SIDE NOTE: Celebuzz is still a thing? Who knew! What is this, 2011?]

4. But That's It ...

But That's It ...
While you may have read somewhere - or many places - that Ronnie and Jen have confirmed all this big news ... it's important to bear in mind neither Ron or Jen have actually done so.

5. So What Gives?

So What Gives?
Ronnie and Jen wouldn't lie about something so significant, would they? Or even if you don't like the word "lie," mislead people into thinking something that wasn't true for the sake of publicity ... right?

6. Getting Off on a Technicality

Getting Off on a Technicality
Well, technically, neither of them has made any sort of claim. They merely posted some suggestive photos and linked to an article. One that we don't recommend trying to visit because Celebuzz! (which is apparently still a thing) makes you click through about 47 pages to get any information at all. Great user experience, guys. NOT!

7. All Smiles

All Smiles
"It’s all smiles for Ronnie Ortiz-Magro and Jen Harley this holiday season. The mother-of-two has exclusively released pictures of her adorable baby bump to Celebuzz!” reads the piece Ronnie posted.

8. A Huge Step

A Huge Step
“Another baby would be a huge step for the Las Vegas residents, but it looks like the couple is finally taking the leap together!" the article continues.

9. The Rock

The Rock
"Just a few weeks ago, Jen was seen rocking a big diamond on her finger…yes, that finger," Celebuzz! writes.

10. Much Ado About Nothing?

Much Ado About Nothing?
Again, it says a lot that Ronnie decided to post this article, but you'll notice that it does not include any quotes in which either he or Jen verify that they're engaged or that she's expecting.

11. The Truth

The Truth
According to a source we spoke with exclusively, Ron and Jen do not seem to be expecting at the moment, despite reports. Here's what we found out ...

12. Coincidence?

“A lot of pregnancy rumors have been circulating about Jen but the truth is she’s not pregnant. Anyone who paid close attention to her instagram should realize she’s posted a ton of photos recently where her body is clearly not pregnant," our source, who is close to the couple, tells The Hollywood Gossip exclusively.

13. Holiday Greetings ... and Confusion

Holiday Greetings ... and Confusion
As we suspected, “the photos in the story her and Ron shared were from her last pregnancy with Ariana, the daughter that Ron and her share,” the source says. “The photos were taken during the holiday season and they were just good memories for Ron and Jen. That’s all there was to it.”

14. Moving Forward

Moving Forward
Despite recent drama surrounding the pair, our source assures us that "Ron and Jen are in a good place in their relationship and all is moving in a positive direction but she is definitely NOT pregnant. And that’s all there is to it.”

15. The Response

The Response
As a result, the reaction from Twitter has been quite a mixed bag, with some accusing the couple of fabricating this stunt and others celebrating the joyous occasion (which turned out to be last year's joyous occasion).

16. Put a Ring On It

Put a Ring On It
As for the engagement ring, or purported engagement ring many fans believed she was sporting in her latest photos, it might in fact be a gift from Ronnie, but a source tells Hollywood Life that Jen has owned it since at least last year. So as far as we know, they're not engaged.

17. Rahn, Stahp ... the Bad PR

Rahn, Stahp ... the Bad PR
The most recent episode of Shore marked another rough patch for Jen and Ron, as it hinted that Magro slept with Angelina's friend "Jewish Barbie." Ronnie denied the allegations and insists the next episode of Jersey Shore will clear his name, but since the show went on a brief hiatus due to Thanksgiving, rumors have been circulating for over a week.

18. Going Strong

Going Strong
Whether they intended to mislead fans or not, this may have been Ron and Jen's way of assuring viewers that their relationship is still solid and stable.

19. All About Ariana

All About Ariana
For now, the couple is focused on raising their little bundle of love, and being the best people they can be. That's all anyone can ask.

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