Teen Mom 2 Reunion Recap: Farewell to a Legend

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Jenelle Evans has gone through a number of changes during her time in the Teen Mom 2 spotlight.

But several tendencies have remained sadly constant.

Chief among them is Evans' shaky relationship with the truth.

Yes, if you know Jenelle, you know she loves to lie.

Or maybe she just can't stop herself from lying.

Hell, maybe she's one of those deeply delusional types, and she doesn't even realize she's spewing BS.

Whatever the case, dishonesty is second nature to the mother of three, and she was at the top of her game while squaring off with Nessa during this week's Teen Mom 2 reunion.

Take a look:

1. Ready For Battle

Ready For Battle
On last week's reunion, Jenelle stormed off set after host Nessa Diab confronted her about comments Jenelle posted on social media regarding Nessa's boyfriend, Colin Kaepernick.

2. The Doctor Is In

The Doctor Is In
On Monday's episode, however, Dr. Drew intervened and convinced Evans to re-take the stage.

3. So ... Timing Was the Issue?

So ... Timing Was the Issue?
"She couldn't wait 'til the end? 'Til we were done?" Jenelle cried backstage. "I've been having so many medical issues this whole trip, and the first thing I go out on stage, I get attacked

4. Back At It

Back At It
Yes, Evans offered up some absurd excuses for her behavior, but eventually, she returned to the stage on the condition that her mother, Barbara Evans, be permitted to join her.

5. Confronted By Nessa

Confronted By Nessa
Nessa stuck to her guns and asked Jenelle again about her comments regarding Kaepernick -- and Jenelle responded in cowardly fashion, as usual.

6. A for Effort

A for Effort
Evans insisted that she never made any such comments and that the anti-Kaepernick statements mysteriously appeared on her accounts. You almost have to admire the shamelessness. Almost.

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