Teen Mom 2 Season Premiere: Get Ready For Jenelle's Creepy Ex & Kail's New Rival!

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Have you recovered from everything that happened on last season of Teen Mom OG?

Catelynn and Tyler's separation, Amber's postpartum depression, the introduction of Bristol and Cheyenne?

It was a lot to take in for sure, but hopefully you're able to move on ...

Because a brand new season of Teen Mom 2 is coming up!

In anticipation of the premiere, let's take a look at what's happened since the last season and discuss what we can expect in these new episodes.

Just be warned ... there is so, so much drama to break down.

1. What a Ride

What a Ride
So let's think about where we last left our Teen Mom 2 friends, all right?

2. Adam Problems

Adam Problems
In last season's finale, we saw Chelsea deal with some visitation issues with Adam Lind -- they'd worked it out in court that he could only see Aubree at a visitation center, but Chelsea found out that he'd been seeing her at his parents' house while Aubree was visiting. It was a bad situation, but Chelsea worked everything out with Adam's mother, so that's cool.

3. Oh No, Leah

Oh No, Leah
Things with Leah were a little more heartbreaking, since we saw her take Ali to the hospital since she's been having trouble breathing. Leah had a little breakdown about the situation, which was obviously understandable, but she got Ali a new machine that would help her exercise her lungs, and she also ensured that she'd have an aide at school for the rest of the year, something she'd been very concerned about.

4. Dealing with Dads

Dealing with Dads
Kailyn's situation was quite a bit different than it is now -- she was still having a hard time with Chris, and she and Javi were still in their kind of flirty stage before Lauren came into the picture and immediately got pregnant.

5. Just Briana Things

Just Briana Things
Briana had just gotten some plastic surgery, and she had just broken up with Javi. We also got to see her have a heart-to-heart with Devoin, which was very sweet.

6. Dang It, Jenelle

Dang It, Jenelle
As for Jenelle, she was lying to her mother about what happened when she pulled a gun on that guy after following him back to his house and crying about how mean it was that MTV didn't want David on the show. She said that he was her security blanket, and that she wouldn't film if he couldn't, and if the network didn't like it, she'd gotten offers from Amazon and Netflix for other shows.

7. What Next?!

What Next?!
So what do we have to look forward to now?!

8. Oh Wow

Well, here's the first trailer for the new season. As you see, it sure looks like a doozy.

9. Eww

For one, it looks like Andrew, Jenelle's ex and Jace's absent father, is back. A producer tells her that he's been in contact, asking about seeing poor Jace. Jenelle is understandably not thrilled by the idea.

10. Too Sad

Too Sad
There's an old clip of Kailyn's mother, who's been absent herself because of what sounds like a lifelong drinking problem. In the trailer, Kail is upset because "my kids will never know what it's like to be with my family," and she says that she's been considering trying to contact her.

11. Meeting Jason

Meeting Jason
Leah will introduce her boyfriend, Jason, and it seems like he'll be a sizable part of her story this season.

12. Shocker

It sounds like Adam's been bailing on seeing Aubree at the visitation center, which sadly isn't too much of a surprise.


So that was the trailer, but with the way reality shows work, we already know so many more things that happened during the course of filming.

14. Awww!

For example, we know Chelsea gave birth to a daughter, precious little Layne!

15. So Cute!

So Cute!
We'll see her in the later months of her pregnancy, and thanks to a quick clip in the trailer, we know Layne will make her television debut this season, too.

16. Heartbreaking

On a sadder note, we know that Adam signed away his parental rights for his other daughter, Paislee, and it's hard to imagine that won't come up.

17. Yay, Randy!

Yay, Randy!
We always get to see Chelsea's lovable father, Randy, and since Jenelle left negative reviews on Yelp for his dental practice, and also since David threatened his life, he'll probably have some fun things to say!

18. So Great

So Great
Chelsea and Cole bought a new house, too, so we'll see them move in and get settled and be adorable. Looking forward to it!

19. Adorable

Briana has a lot going on, too -- she's got a new boyfriend!

20. Thank Goodness

Thank Goodness
It seems like a much more stable relationship than the one she had with Javi, which honestly isn't saying much -- more on that in a bit.

21. Hooray!

We know that she's still getting along with Devoin, which is great since he hasn'y always been there for Nova.

22. Smooth

Really, it looks like things are going pretty great for Briana, and there's not too much drama for her part of the show.

23. Except ...

Except ...
Well, besides all the Javi stuff.

24. Oh, Javi!

Oh, Javi!
As we said earlier, at the end of last season, he was friendly with Kailyn, and he had gone down to Miami to help Briana with her surgery recovry even though they'd already broken up ... but as it turns out, Lauren was in the picture, too.

25. Plot Twist!

Plot Twist!
And she was PREGNANT!

26. Hmmm ...

Hmmm ...
The timeline is still a little hard to figure out, but hopefully we'll get more information this season.

27. Yes!

We know we'll see Kailyn and Briana react to the big news, at least, and Javi has hinted that Lauren will be on the show as well.

28. No Worries

No Worries
But if there's no pregnancy reveal drama, at least Kailyn is bringing a lot of other juicy bits to her segments!

29. Making Moves

In a recently released sneak peek, Kail told her children that she may marry Chris one day ... so it definitely seems like their relationship has improved!

30. Right, Right

Right, Right
She's always been pretty vague about what the status pf their relationship is, and he still refuses to be on the show, but at least they're getting along for Lux's sake, right?

31. Let's See ...

Let's See ...
We may see some drama surrounding her latest book, the one that many fans paid for and didn't recieve. She says it's the publisher's fault, the publisher's say it's her fault, and to this day, it's still a huge mess.

32. Uh Oh

Uh Oh
There was an added layer of drama too, because when excerpts began circulating and Javi saw that she'd written some not-so-nice things about him, he claimed that he was going to take the issue to his lawyer and have his name removed from the book entirely.

33. Former Friends

Former Friends
On top of all of that, Kailyn's been feuding with Jenelle HARD for a few months now, mostly because Kailyn showed concern for her after that 911 call -- again, more on that later.

34. Suuure

Jenelle and David have both been harassing her, saying that she's obsessed with Jenelle because she has a crush on her, and Jenelle even threatened her when she said that she didn't feel safe filming the reunion or any specials with them.

35. Ugh

But let's not get off on a tangent about Jenelle and David when Kailyn's got so many great things going her this season, all right?

36. This Girl!

This Girl!
Instead, let's check up on Leah!

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