David Eason Quits Facebook Following Latest Bonkers Transphobic Tirade

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David Eason's social media options are beginning to dwindle.

After receiving a visit from the Secret Service for making violent threats to various elected officials, Eason was temporarily locked out of his Instagram account.

He made the move over to YouTube, where he attracted negative legal attention once again, this time for illegally towing a stranger's truck.

After that, David began spewing his bigoted nonsense on Facebook, but after an appallingly transphobic comment earned David some much-deserved backlash, he apparently turned tail and deleted his account.

Take a look:

1. David the Bigot

David the Bigot
David has made never made any effort to conceal his bigoted worldview.

2. Shameless

Astonishingly, he has no problem with exposing himself as the homophobic white supremacist that he is -- but he gets very upset when people call him out as such.

3. A History of Hate

A History of Hate
David was fired from Teen Mom 2 back in February of 2018 after launching a homophobic tirade against fans of the show on Instagram.

4. Not Learning From His Mistakes

Not Learning From His Mistakes
Sadly, David will probably never change his belief system, but you would think after getting kicked to the curb by MTV, he would at least start keeping his thoughts to himself.

5. Nope!

David went on the offensive again last week, this time attacking the transgender community on Facebook.

6. The Ugliness Begins

The Ugliness Begins
"Serious question, what would you do if one of your kids came to you and said, 'Dad I think I should be a boy/girl?'" a user asked David.

7. What a Guy

What a Guy
"I would slap the sh-t out of them," Eason promptly replied.

8. WTF Is He Thinking?

WTF Is He Thinking?
Obviously, it's a disgusting comment for a number of reasons, but as many fans pointed out, it's particularly bizarre of David to make such a remark as he's in the midst of multiple custody battles.

9. Good Point

Good Point
"Man you're really trying to lose your kids," one fan commented.

10. Doubling Down

Doubling Down
"Smickity smack," David replied, confirming that he would indeed assault his child for coming out as transgender.

11. The Voice of Reason

The Voice of Reason
"Kids that feel they are born in [the] wrong body should be able to choose what they want and [you] should love [and] support them," one fan argued.

12. Here He Goes Again

Here He Goes Again
"Born in the wrong body?" Eason replied. "Well instead of getting body implants maybe they should have a new brain implanted?"

13. Buh-Bye

Shortly thereafter, David either deleted his account, or got kicked off Facebook.

14. Violence on the Land

Violence on the Land
David's remarks come on the heels of a pair of violent incidents that led fans to fear for the safety of his children.

15. Scary Stuff

Scary Stuff
The first such occurrence took place in October and involved a confrontation between David and his wife, Jenelle Evans.

16. The Call

The night of the alleged assault, Jenelle called 911 and was later hospitalized for her injuries.

17. Gun Nut

Gun Nut
The second incident involved a series of social media posts in which David brandished weapons while threatening politicians such as Donald Trump and Nancy Pelosi.

18. Surprise!

That act of idiocy earned David an unexpected visit from the Secret Service.

19. What's Next?

What's Next?
MTV has little recourse against David at this point, but Teen Mom 2 execs can (and should) fire Jenelle, so as not to continue subsidizing her husband's violent, bigoted behavior.

20. Ratings Rule

Ratings Rule
Unfortunately, as long as Jenelle remains a major ratings draw, that seems unlikely to happen.

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