Taylor Swift Fashion Line: So in Style!

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Taylor Swift has come out with her very own fashion line, and let us be the first to make the obvious joke here:

These items will never go out of style

These pieces of apparel only come in sizes small and medium and most cost between $40-$70. Oh, they are also only available in China. 

But it's not like you can't hop on a plane, people! The question is: Would you want to for these items?

Visit Heritage66 to see the full line and check out some examples below:

1. Taylor Swift Sweater

Taylor Swift Sweater
Wait, who is behind this sweater? Who is this person a fan of? It's not exactly clear.

2. 1989, All in One Place

1989, All in One Place
The year will always be 1989 for anyone donning this Taylor top.

3. Shake It Off!

Shake It Off!
Don't hate, hate, hate, hate on this piece of clothing, critics. But if you do, you know how Swift will react to it.

4. Let's Face It

Let's Face It
There are worse things you can have on your person than Taylor Swift's face.

5. What's in a Name?

What's in a Name?
Don't bother trying to solve this word jumble. We have the answer: it's Taylor's name!

6. Love is a Game

Love is a Game
Do you want to play?

7. We See You, Taylor!

We See You, Taylor!
And now everyone will see that we love her as well.

8. Magic. Madness. Heaven.

Magic. Madness. Heaven.
This really says it all, doesn't it?

9. Showing Support

Showing Support
Who loves Taylor Swift? This person does!

10. For Men, Too!

For Men, Too!
We'd pay good money to see a guy walking around in this shirt.

11. Be Proud, Man!

Be Proud, Man!
Also, be a hero to your daughter!

12. A Taylor Swift Doppleganger!

A Taylor Swift Doppleganger!
There are no witty lyrics here. Just the exact outfit Swift so often wears.

Wait! There's more! Just click "Next" below:

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