Shawn Portwood: Andrew Glennon STOLE Amber's Money So She Couldn't Post Bail!

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Way back in July, Amber Portwood was arrested after allegedly assaulting then-boyfriend Andrew Glennon.

And somehow, the situation has continued to get uglier and more bizarre just about every day since.

The latest controversy has to do with allegations that Amber was bailed out by a woman named Rhonda Russell.

It appears that Russell briefly worked for Amber, and she now wants her $2,000 back.

Enter Shawn "Bubby" Portwood, who claims the whole thing is made up, and Russell is nothing but a con artist.

Folks, you can't make this stuff up:

1. The Bubby Factor

The Bubby Factor
For someone who's been accused of repeated acts of domestic violence, Amber Portwood enjoys a LOT of support from both loved ones and fans. Of course, her biggest defender remains her creepily close brother, Shawn Portwood.

2. The Enabler

The Enabler
Though he says he never liked Glennon from the start, Shawn supported Amber throughout her most recent relationship.

3. The Stakes Are High

The Stakes Are High
And now he's supporting her through a scandal that could land her behind bars for a very long time.

4. That Fateful Night

That Fateful Night
As you've likely heard by now, Amber was arrested back in July after allegedly assaulting Andrew with a machete and repeatedly striking him while he held the couple's 1-year-old son, James.

5. The Fallout

The Fallout
Not for the first time in her life, Amber was taken into police custody following a violent altercation inside her home.

6. A Free Woman

A Free Woman
Amber is quite well-off, so it came as no great surprise when she was able to post bail. But interestingly, she's not the one who came up with the money.

7. Help Me, Rhonda

Help Me, Rhonda
According to Starcasm, a woman named Rhonda put up $2,000 to get Portwood out of the clink after her July arrest. And of course, Amber never paid her back.

8. The Plot Thickens

The Plot Thickens
So who is Rhonda? Well, she's 60 years old, and at first, she was identified as a "mystery woman" with no apparent ties to Amber.

9. Freeing the Jail Bird

This led many to the conclusion that Rhonda was simply a fan of Teen Mom OG, but it now appears that she briefly worked for Amber.

10. Big Mistake

Big Mistake
Rhonda apparently put up the money with the understanding that Amber would repay her. But four months later, Russell has yet to be reimbursed.

11. Unusual Approach

Unusual Approach
This week, Rhonda submitted a handwritten note to the judge in Amber's case explaining her plight.

12. Pleading Her Case

Pleading Her Case
“I, Rhonda Russell, am requesting that the court release the bond to me due to the fact that the money that I paid for the bond was income that [is] owed to me from the Defendant, Amber Portwood,” Rhonda wrote

13. Yeah, No

Yeah, No
Unfortunately for Rhonda, the court can't force Amber to repay her bail money.

14. Looking For Answers

Looking For Answers
Amber has been instructed by her lawyers to remain off social media, so fans turned to Shawn in their search for answers. And he responded with his usual mix of justifications and nonsense.

15. The BS Begins

The BS Begins
Shawn initially pretended not to know who Russell is, referring to her only as “this Rhonda person.” He added, "I don’t know her as being the one to bail my sister out."

16. Amber Looking Out For Amber

Amber Looking Out For Amber
"The person who bailed Amber out really was Amber," Shawn later added. "My mom is the one that went to get her but Andrew actually put the money back in Amber’s account after he stole it to bail her out.”

17. Epic Backtracking

Epic Backtracking
Unfortunately for Shawn, court documents identify Rhonda as the person who bailed Amber out. He changed his tune following this revelation and claimed that Russell was a disgruntled ex-employee of Amber's.

18. Throwing Andrew Under the Bus

Throwing Andrew Under the Bus
Shawn then deflected and claimed that the whole thing was the fault of Glennon, who had reportedly drained Amber's bank account while she was in jail.

19. Riiiiight

“Well considering Andrew took all of the money out of her account and transferred it into his personal account. The only way she was able to bail herself out was to have him transfer money back into her account,” Shawn tweeted.

20. Nice Try!

Nice Try!
Fans weren't buying the Glennon excuse, and they began bombarding Shawn with questions about why he didn't bail Amber out.

21. Because She's Your Sister and You're Obsessed With Her?

Because She's Your Sister and You're Obsessed With Her?
“First of all why would I bail her out? I live in Florida and she lives in Indiana,” he said. “Second of all she has the money to (bail) herself out which she did."

22. Sister's Keeper

Sister's Keeper
"Why must it be on my shoulders to take care of all of that? Everyone holds me to this weird standard for some reason,” Shawn blathered on.

23. Top-Notch Trolling

Top-Notch Trolling
Shawn's meltdown continued when fans accused him of failing to properly support Amber.

24. Yikes

“Who says I’m not supporting her in a different way? I support her in a very different way but I’m defending what is right and what is wrong and this stuff that has been put out is not the truth,” he tweeted. “I am entitled to defend the truth and this is not it.”

25. It Never Ends

It Never Ends
Sadly, there's a possibility that Amber might beat the charges and get off with a slap on the wrist. But clearly, her life will continue to be weird and gross well after all this is over.

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