Amber Portwood: Refusing to Repay the Woman Who Bailed Her Out of Jail?!

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This Amber Portwood situation keeps getting worse and worse.

Which is really saying something, because it was terrible from the very start.

You probably know thar Amber was arrested in July after allegedly assaultig her boyfriend, Andrew Glennon.

You probably also know about the shocking audio recordings, in which Amber can be heard beating and verbally abusing Glennon.

But did you know there was another victim in all this?

Well, there is -- and now, like so many others before her, she's taking Amber to court.

Check it out:

1. Jailbird

Amber's mugshot collection might not be as big as Jenelle Evans' but the woman is no stranger to police custody.

2. Inmate Mom

Inmate Mom
Amber has been arrested several times before, and she's even served hard time for her violent ways.

3. Not Her First Rodeo

Not Her First Rodeo
So if anyone understands how the bail bond system works, it's Amber. But as we've seen in the past, knowing that she's doing wrong is not enough to prevent Portwood from carrying through with her actions.

4. Amber Alert

Amber Alert
Rather than going the traditional route and using her sizable fortune or taking out a loan to get out of jail, Amber took advantage of an old woman.

5. The Worst

The Worst
According to Starcasm, a woman named Rhonda put up $2,000 to get Portwood out of the clink after her July arrest. And of course, Amber never paid her back.

6. Help Me, Rhonda

Help Me, Rhonda
So who is Rhonda? Well, she's 60 years old, and she has no apparent ties to Amber, which has led many to the conclusion that she's simply a fan of the show.

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