Ryan Edwards Is Returning to Teen Mom OG & Maci Bookout Is PISSED!

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When Ryan Edwards got fired from Teen Mom OG, it was widely assumed viewers had seen the last of him.

After all, not only did his self-destructive behavior make him a major legal liability, Maci Bookout had reportedly given producers a "him or me" ultimatum.

But now, it looks as though the powers that be have decided the endless drama in Edwards' life is simply too good to pass up.

We now know that Ryan and Mackenzie will appear on the new season of Teen Mom OG, which premieres tonight.

And as you may have guessed, Maci is not happy with the situation.

Here's what we know so far:

1. Guess Who's Back

Guess Who's Back
After two rehab stints, multiple arrests, and a few months behind bars, Ryan Edwards is returning to Teen Mom OG.

2. One Low After Another

One Low After Another
Fans assumed that Ryan hit rock bottom when he passed out while driving to his wedding with Mackenzie Standifer -- but sadly, they were wrong.

3. And Another One

And Another One
Earlier this year, he missed the birth of his son while in rehab, which would've been a fair trade-off if he had remained sober. Instead, Ryan fell off the wagon and got arrested just weeks leaving treatment.

4. So Many Second Chances

So Many Second Chances
These days, Ryan is out of jail, back with his family -- and once again appearing on Teen Mom OG.

5. The Troubled Couple

The Troubled Couple
A preview for the show's new season -- which premieres on Monday night -- shows Ryan hashing things out with Mackenzie.

6. The Big Question

The Big Question
“So how do you feel now that I’m home?” Ryan asks his wife in one scene.

7. The Hilarious Answer

The Hilarious Answer
"Well, I have a therapy session in 30 minutes ... I’m just kidding," Standifer jokingly replied.

8. Supportive Spouse

Supportive Spouse
"No, I'm glad you're back, I missed you," she adds. "Now you can change some diapers. And I’m glad that you went and finished the 90 days. I know it wasn’t fun."

9. Self-Deprecation

“I didn't have a choice," Edwards replied, possibly referring to the fact that he knew he would be imprisoned if he didn't attend rehab.

10. Reason to Be Proud

Reason to Be Proud
"But you did it — you started something and finished it," Mackenzie replies.

11. Putting In Work

Putting In Work
“We’re really proud of you," says Mackenzie's mom. "It was work and we know it.”

12. Better Days Ahead?

Better Days Ahead?
So clearly the Standifer clan is optimistic about Ryan's future -- but for obvious reasons, Maci is not as enthusiastic.

13. Maci's Pain

Maci's Pain
Bookout was forced to file for a restraining order against Edwards after he issued violent threats to her husband, Taylor McKinney.

14. A Frightening Prospect

A Frightening Prospect
Now, both Bookout and McKinney are understandably less than thrilled about the possibility of Edwards re-entering their lives.

15. Keeping It Together

Keeping It Together
"He had a lot of stuff he wanted to say and apologize for, but I'm not sure I'm in a place where I can keep my s— together, if that makes sense," Maci tells husband Taylor in the preview.

16. Understandably Outraged

Understandably Outraged
"I'm still angry," an obviously emotional Maci adds.

17. Making It Clear

Making It Clear
“There are two things you don't f--k with when it comes to me — my kids and husband," she tells Taylor. "And he has done both.”

18. Sad Ending

Sad Ending
The episode was filmed just prior to the April arrest that landed Edwards behind bars.

19. No Winners

No Winners
So it seems Maci was right to be skeptical -- but no one is happy about the way things played out.

20. Still Fighting

Still Fighting
These days, Ryan is reportedly dedicated to the hard work of recovery, and insiders say he's been a model husband and father.

21. Painful Memories

Painful Memories
Something tells us Ryan won't be tuning in this season, but for fans, the upcoming episodes offer a chance to find out what really happened during Edwards' darkest days. Teen Mom OG premieres tonight on MTV.

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