Ryan Edwards & Mackenzie Standifer Share First Photo of Baby Jagger Amid Rumors of Marital Strife

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The road to sobriety isn't easy for any addict, but many Teen Mom OG fans predicted it would be especially difficult for Ryan Edwards.

Ryan completed rehab last month, and he immediately returned to a life of tremendous responsibilities and obligations.

His wife, Mackenzie Standifer, gave birth to son Jagger while Ryan was in treatment, which means Edwards came home to a new son, a notoriously troubled marriage, and the eyes of millions of Teen Mom fans watching his every move.

It's a great deal of pressure, and sadly, it seems the couple is already showing signs of strain.

But they're still doing their best to maintain a pleasant facade on social media.

Take a look:

1. The "Happy" Family

The "Happy" Family
Here it is -- the first official photo of Ryan and Mackenzie's new baby boy, Jagger!

2. Getting Creative

Getting Creative
Mackenzie posted pics of Jagger while Ryan was in rehab, but she always obscured his face.

3. Reunited

Now that the whole family is back together, however, it seems Mackenzie has finally decided to share Jagger's smile with the world.

4. Ups and Downs

Ups and Downs
It should be an exciting time for Ryan and Mackenzie. Unfortunately, their reunion has been marred by an ugly rumor.

5. Back At It

Back At It
Radar Online reported today that Ryan has once again been caught seeking out potential cheating partners on Tinder.

6. Mackenzie's Pain

Mackenzie's Pain
Sadly, Mackenzie has been down this road with Ryan before.

7. She's Forgiven a Lot

She's Forgiven a Lot
Earlier this year, as Mackenzie was already coping with Ryan's many legal and substance abuse issues, multiple women revealed that they had been propositioned by Edwards on the dating app.

8. The Screw Up King

The Screw Up King
Mackenzie likely hoped that Ryan's past infidelities (this is his third cheating scandal) were tied to his substance abuse.

9. Newly Sober ... Still a Loser

Newly Sober ... Still a Loser
Sadly, it seems Ryan is already back up to his old tricks. And this time, Mackenzie might not be quite as content to put up with it.

10. Hard Times

Hard Times
Mackenzie has described Ryan's three months in rehab as "the hardest 90 days of [her] life."

11. Conflicted Feelings

Conflicted Feelings
While Mackenzie has admitted to feeling frustrated with Ryan for missing Jagger's birth, she's been gushing about her husband non-stop in the weeks since he left treatment.

12. Loving Life

Loving Life
“God has blessed me with the most caring husband and kids," she recently wrote on Instagram.

13. Standing Up For Standifer

Standing Up For Standifer
"It’s hard to be vulnerable and it means so much to have them in my corner!" Mackenzie added.

14. Times Have Changed

Times Have Changed
Of course, those kind sentiments were uttered before news of Ryan's latest infidelities went public.

15. What's Next?

What's Next?
It's anyone's guess as to what will come next for Ryan and Mackenzie, but those closest to the couple say they're committed to making it work.

16. Priorities

Perhaps the best thing this troubled pair can do now is make like the crowd at a Rolling Stones concert and focus on Jagger.

17. Bad Timing

Bad Timing
Mackenzie had yet to speak out on Ryan's latest cheating scandal, but we're guessing she's especially angry that it overshadowed Jagger's long-awaited internet debut.

18. The Doghouse

The Doghouse
Sources have stated that Mackenzie has told Ryan she'll leave him if he relapses again.

19. Loophole?

But to be fair, she didn't say anything about what would happen if he gets caught cheating again!

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