Ryan Edwards: Back In Rehab Following Failed Drug Test?!

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Back in June of 2016, Ryan Edwards checked into rehab shortly after getting married to Mackenzie Standifer.

Ryan had been so high on the day of the wedding that he lost consciousness while driving to the church.

For several months after he left treatment, Ryan's sobriety was regarded as one of the great Teen Mom success stories.

Unfortunately, it now seems that rumors of Ryan falling off the wagon have been confirmed, and the questions about what the future holds for Maci Bookout's ex loom large:

1. A Fall From Grace

A Fall From Grace
Viewers were stunned by Ryan's downward spiral, which was documented on Teen Mom OG. As heroin addiction threatened to consume him whole, Ryan was urged to seek treatment by his family, friends, and fans.

2. A Terrifying Ride

A Terrifying Ride
The low point came when Ryan lost consciousness while driving to his own wedding. Fortunately, the Edwards checked into rehab shortly after saying "I do."

3. Troubling Signs

Troubling Signs
Fans expressed concern when Edwards left treatment after just a few weeks. Their worries were exacerbated when he took to social media to attack Maci Bookout almost immediately after his release.

4. The Wedding Do-Over

The Wedding Do-Over
While the couple exchanged vows before he sought treatment, Ryan and Mackenzie understandably felt it would be a good idea to have a second wedding after he got sober. The event was documented by TMOG cameras, and some fans were troubled by what they saw.

5. A Wet Wedding

A Wet Wedding
During the wedding, Ryan was spotted taking shots and downing beers. While it was heroin, not alcohol, that landed him in rehab, the sight of a newly-recovering addict getting intoxicated is a disturbing one.

6. A Turn For the Worse

A Turn For the Worse
Now, there's even more bad news for Ryan, as a source tells Radar Online that Edwards was recently forced to take a drug test as a result of his ongoing custody battle with Maci Bookout. And it seems the results flat-out shocked his family and friends...

7. Off the Wagon

Off the Wagon
"He failed a court-ordered drug test for meth and various types of pills," says the insider, adding that Edwards' visitation rights with son Bentley were immediately suspended by the court.

8. Too Little, Too Late?

Too Little, Too Late?
The source says Ryan has checked back into rehab in an effort to get clean and get back in the court's good graces. Unfortunately, it seems a considerable amount of damage has already been done.

9. Collateral Damage?

Collateral Damage?
The insider claims that as a result of Ryan's failed drug test, Mackenzie has already lost custody of Hudson, her son from a previous relationship. However, Standifer claims that's not the case.

10. Mackenzie's Version

Mackenzie's Version
"It's not true at all," Standifer told Radar when asked about her son. "He's right here next to me."

11. So What's Really Going On?

So What's Really Going On?
Mackenzie claims that she still has full custody of her son, and she insists that Ryan never failed a drug test ... at least not one that was ordered by a judge.

12. Setting the Record Straight?

Setting the Record Straight?
"It's disgustig to say something that has no merit," Standifer continues. "If Ryan had failed a court-ordered drug test, he would be in jail."

13. Lying By Ommission?

Lying By Ommission?
Fans were quick to point out that Mackenzie appears to have chosen her words carefully. She never stated that Ryan's not in rehab, and she never claimed that he hasn't failed a drug test that wasn't ordered by the court.

14. Maci's Agenda

Maci's Agenda
For months, Maci has been demanding that Ryan take a urine test before he's permitted to spend time with Bentley. His reluctance has led many fans to the conclusion that he's using again.

15. Judge Bookout?

Judge Bookout?
Is it possible that Ryan submitted to a test not for the court, but for Maci? If so, family and friends may have implored him to seek treatment after the results came back positive.

16. Does Ryan's Story Check Out?

Does Ryan's Story Check Out?
The folks at Radar did some legwork and found that there have been no new filings in Hamilton County Court regarding Ryan and Maci's custody battle. So if there have been any new developments, it seems the former couple is handling the matter themselves.

17. Ryan's Hope?

Ryan's Hope?
Needless to say, right now it's difficult to tell exactly what's going on with Ryan. We know from the footage of his wedding that he's not entirely sober, but we don't know if his substance abuse issues have led him to check back into rehab.

18. The Story on Instagram

The Story on Instagram
Normally, we'd turn to social media to determine if Ryan is back in treatment, but that doesn't help us in this case. The troubled Teen Mom OG star hasn't posted anything on Instagram since December. But whether he's back in rehab or not, it seems one thing is for sure...

19. Ryan Has a Long Way to Go

Ryan Has a Long Way to Go
This whole debacle has reminded fans - and probably the people in Ryan's life - that sobriety is a lifelong struggle, and sadly, it's a fight he doesn't seem to be taking seriously. Here's hoping Edwards is eventually able to find the sort of help he needs, whatever that might entail.

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