Lauren Burnham: See Her Sexiest Instagram Photos!

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Lauren Burnham is now known as the Bachelor winner/runner-up who Arie Luyendyk finally decided he wanted to be his wife.

After a good bit of waffling on the issue, of course.

But Lauren Burnham used to be known as an aspiring model.

It's true!

Under that alias of "Libby," which was short for her middle name of Elizabeth, Burhman has a profile on the website

We don't know the last time she updated it, but Lauren's bio currently reads as follows:

I started modeling about 8 years ago when I lived in Seattle and took a bit of a break, but I would love to start getting back into it.

I’m on MM because modeling for me is a way to express myself and have fun. I’ve also been super lucky to have met so many awesome people through different shoots and shows I’ve been a part of.

I’m partial to doing swimwear, fitness, fashion, editorial and beauty/glamour shots. However, I’m open to other concepts as well.

We're guessing Burnham's modeling dreams are now over.

But scroll through the Instagram photos below to see why she may very well have succeeded in this industry.

In short: it's because she looks REALLY good in a bikini...

1. Happy with Arie

Happy with Arie
Burnham is happy to have aspirations now that include being Mrs. Arie, as opposed to being a magazine centerfold. But you're about to find out why plenty of magazines out there may have wanted Lauren to pose for them.

2. Burnham on a Boat!

Burnham on a Boat!
Lauren Burnham sure is enjoying herself on this boat. In turn, we are enjoying looking at her on this boat.

3. A Dog Day

A Dog Day
Arie's chosen wife-to-be is rocking a bikini in this photo, while also chilling with a very cute dog. Sexy and adorable!

4. Butting Way Out

Butting Way Out
Lauren Burnham is the woman on the left in this photo. We'd understand if you weren't entirely sure, based on the direction she is facing.

5. Coming Right at Ya!

Coming Right at Ya!
Lauren confidently struts her stuff in this sizzling look at the Bachelor runner-up/champion of Season 22.

6. Is She Topless?!?

Is She Topless?!?
We don't think so. We think Lauren's friend's are simply covering up the top half of Lauren's bikini here.

7. Proud of Her Assets

Proud of Her Assets
Once again, ladies and gentlemen, Lauren from the rear! She's clearly very proud of a certain body part, huh?

8. Here's a Quiz...

Here's a Quiz...
Having seen Burnham's behind on multiple occasions now, can you pick out her butt from this sexy lineup?

9. Sexy Snorkel Time

Sexy Snorkel Time
It's into the water for Lauren and a friend in this photo. They are about to get their snorkel on, big time.

10. Shakin Off the Haters

Shakin Off the Haters
That's what Lauren wrote as a caption to this photograph. She posted it post-Bachelor, as you can imagine.

11. Nice and Fancy

Nice and Fancy
You've seen Lauren in a two-piece. But she proves here that can also work it in some formal wear. Nice!

12. Her Modeling Past

Her Modeling Past
Lauren once had designs on being a model. She shared this professional photo of herself on Instagram.

13. Dark and Delicious

Dark and Delicious
This picture is from 2013, also from when Lauren wanted to be a model. She's working on her serious and sultry face.

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