13 TV Couples That Need to Split Up... Right Now!

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Some couples on TV make shows worth watching. 

Other couples are just there, taking up precious room on the screen. 

We hate to say it, but we really want the 13 couples below to call it quits or just, like, keep their affection off the screen. 

1. Fred and Serena - The Handmaid's Tale

Fred and Serena - The Handmaid's Tale
Fred and Serena were both instrumental in starting the terrors that occur in Gilead, but there's no love between them. Fred had his wife's finger cut off. There's nothing between them, and the fact they're still married is very concerning.

2. Meredith and DeLuca - Grey's Anatomy

Meredith and DeLuca - Grey's Anatomy
This pairing was out there ... even for a primetime soap like Grey's Anatomy. It came out of nowhere, there's a lack of chemistry, and things got downright messy. They need to call it quits.

3. Niko and Eve - Killing Eve

Niko and Eve - Killing Eve
Niko and Eve were once very much in love ... until Eve became infatuated with an assassin named Villanelle. Their relationship is at the breaking point, and they should just quit already.

4. Lucious and Cookie - Empire

Lucious and Cookie - Empire
The term "whiplash" comes to mind when we think of Cookie and Lucious. They're together one scene, and apart the next. It's tiring, and we grew bored with it after the first season.

5. Harvey and Donna - Suits

Harvey and Donna - Suits
We waited eight seasons for them to get together, but when they finally wised up, there was no chemistry. It was exhausted years before because of the sheer amount of teases of a relationship with very little payoff.

6. Dylan and Andrew - PLL: The Perfectionists

Dylan and Andrew - PLL: The Perfectionists
The Pretty Little Liars spinoff may suck, but Dylan and Andrew are part of the problem. Their relationship is built on lies, and every time they get to a good place, there's another lie. Hey, some relationships are not meant to work.

7. Liza and Charles - Younger

Liza and Charles - Younger
Liza's secret is out on Younger, clearing the way for her relationship with Charles to blossom. However, there's been hurdle after hurdle thrown in and now it seems like Charles isn't the person we thought he was in the beginning. End it. No.w

8. Jackson and Maggie -Grey's Anatomy

Jackson and Maggie -Grey's Anatomy
You know how sometimes two characters become a thing and it makes you want to gouge your eyes out? That's Jaggie, and they're so boring as a couple that it kind of makes sense that they're always arguing. Jackson would be wise to get lost in the fog so that viewers don't have to watch this 'ship crash some more.

9. Eleven and Mike - Stranger Things

Eleven and Mike - Stranger Things
Having Eleven and Mike split up during Stranger Things Season 3 introduced viewers to another side of Eleven, and she was way more fun away from the confines of her relationship. Make it happen.

10. Jughead and Betty - Riverdale

Jughead and Betty - Riverdale
At first, Bughead was a great couple, but after about a million scenes of them making out, we're over it.

11. Piper and Alex - Orange is the New Black

Piper and Alex - Orange is the New Black
Piper and Alex were one of the best couples on TV several years ago. Along the way, they each done terrible things to each other. So, what do they do? They get engaged and then married, and they're probably on their third fight of the day as we type this.

12. Kyle and Mandy - Last Man Standing

Kyle and Mandy - Last Man Standing
The producers should have ordered a chemistry test when Mandy was recast because we're not feeling this new Mandy with Kyle. There's something off about them as a couple...

13. Guzman and Lucrecia - Elite

Guzman and Lucrecia - Elite
Guzman and Lucrecia come from wealthy families, and they think that being together means power. But Guzman has an undeniable attraction to Nadia, to the point that he tried to prove he was not like the other boys at his private school. It's a shame Lucrecia didn't have some insurance on her man, because he's about to jump ship.

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