Ronnie Ortiz-Magro: My Baby with Jen Harley May Not Even Be Mine!

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The relationship between Ronnie Ortiz-Mago and Jen Harley is kind of shockingly dysfunctional, right?

Like it's hard to believe they've managed to be together for so long without one of them just leaving or, you know, something much darker happening.

It just seems like there's a never-ending avalanche of badness happening with them, and this week, it's no different.

Except this time, the badness could perhaps result in Ron disowning his own daughter.

1. Where to Start?

Where to Start?
Ron's whole entire life is a mess, and it has been for a long time now -- it's definitely not just Jen's influece, that's for sure.


He's especially proven himself to be a disaster in relationships. Aside from Jen, we've only ever seen him with Sam on Jersey Shore, and not a single person who witnessed any footage of them together would call what they had healthy.

3. Ruh Roh

Ruh Roh
But Ron and Jen ... it's a lot. It's a whole, whole lot, and literally none of it is good.

4. What Romance!

What Romance!
These two crazy kids weren't together all that long before she got pregnant, and in April of this year, she gave birth to their daughter, Ariana.

5. Weird

For a good long while, believe it or not, there wasn't any drama at all between them -- or at least, none that made it onto social media.

6. And There It Goes

And There It Goes
But in April, just a few weeks after Jen gave birth, Ron hopped on Instagram to tell his followers that one "can’t turn a natural born HOE, into a HOUSEWIFE," and it all went downhill from there.

7. So Many Yikes

So Many Yikes
The issue then was that he apparently discovered a sex tape that Jen had made with an old boyfriend, and he thought it was wrong of her to keep it when she'd been with him for a year at that point.

8. Oh

Jen responded with this, and as you can imagine, things only got worse after this.

9. A Taco Float, Honestly

A Taco Float, Honestly
He apologized in another Instagram post, but deleted it shortly afterwards and in its place, he shared a screenshot from someone who claimed to have had sex with Jen "on the taco float in the backyard," because she's a cheater, see?

10. Seriously, Stahp

Seriously, Stahp
All of that happened in April, and they did end up breaking up, but it didn't last long. By June, they were back together, and they got into a fight in which Jen allegedly "lunged, spit and shoved Ronnie."

11. Whoa

Also in June, Jen was arrested after she drove off while Ron was halfway out of her car, tangled in his seatbelt. She really dragged him down the road with her car.

12. So Sad

So Sad
Also, their baby was in the backseat during that. Because in case you forgot, that poor little baby was around for all of this.

13. Wow

Even after this, they got back together. Can you imagine? Can you even imagine?

14. Oh No

Oh No
Then, in October, Ronnie shared this photo in which he strongly implied that Jen had assaulted him again. Her response was that he was lying because of drugs, and that he'd also lied about "the car thing."

15. Oh, OK

Oh, OK
She said that she'd tell her story in court, not on Instagram like Ron.

16. ... Huh?

... Huh?
And because Ron and Jen are Ron and Jen, there are currently rumors that she's pregnant again and they're engaged.

17. Easy, Kids

Easy, Kids
It's too much to keep up with, right? And it's painfully obvious to everyone except the two of them that they just need to break up for good. Little Ariana probably even realizes it. and she's not even a year old yet.

18. Yay?

But with this latest development, it does look like they're closer to a breakup than a marriage.

19. Ugh

And that's because Ronnie is once again accusing Jen of cheating on him.

20. The BIGGEST Mess

Specifically, he's accusing her of cheating on him early on in their relationship ... so early that their daughter might not even be biologically his.

21. Why, Ron, Why?

Why, Ron, Why?
He shared this screenshot of a text message conversation with Jen on Instagram, and although he deleted it pretty fast, clearly people got screenshots of his screenshot.

22. What?

"That's u Jen," he wrote to her, "u denied for 4 months that U spoke with him, i let it go bc I believe in my heart that u knew how much that whole things fked me up and that the one thing u would never do again."

23. So, So Unhealthy

So, So Unhealthy
"The fact u brought him back into our lives again after we had a kid just proves u can't let go," he continued.

24. Nitro, Really?

Nitro, Really?
"U had bret, Nitro, Jeff, Moe."

25. Waaaaay Too Much Drama

Waaaaay Too Much Drama
In the text he added to the screenshot, he explained "When you find out you've been getting played and the child you have given the world and only thing that brings u happiness might not be yours."

26. That's Enough

That's Enough
He also added the very dramatic hashtag "I Pray Nobody Ever Has To Feel This Pain Or Confusion."

27. Dang, Ron

Dang, Ron
OK, so Ron is once again convinced that Jen is cheating on him with some guy -- not sure if it's Bret, Nitro, Jeff, Moe, or someone else altogether -- and that she's been cheating so long that this other man might be the biological father of Ariana.

28. Nope

This is silly for a number of reasons.

29. An Argument

An Argument
One, so what if Jen has been cheating? Their whole entire relationship is garbage, so the fact that something else like this has come up is hardly a surprise.

30. Maury is Not Needed Here

Maury is Not Needed Here
And two, has he ever even really looked at Ariana? How could he possibly think he's not her father?

31. Be Better, Guys

Be Better, Guys
But as bad as Ron might feel right now, we all know we're going to be subjected to lovey dovey Christmas photos of the two of them back together again sometime this month. So really, does any of this even matter?

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