Photoshop Trolls Attack!

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Some random guy asked the Internet to help him Photoshop his sunset photo. Naturally, the trolls came out in full force.

1. Death Star Sunset

Death Star Sunset
We're pretty sure this dude just wanted the sun between his fingers. Instead, he got the Death Star.

2. Face Swap With the Sun

Face Swap With the Sun
This guy wanted a little Photoshop help. Instead, he got his FACE TURNED INTO A GIANT GASEOUS BALL OF FIRE!!!

3. Fingers on the Sun

Fingers on the Sun
With this one, we guess he got what he wanted. It's just not exactly HOW he wanted it.

4. Pinching Bieber Crotch

Pinching Bieber Crotch
This guy probably never thought he'd see a photo of himself with his fingers on the Biebs' peen. Fortunately, some Photoshop genius made it happen.

5. Blurred Lines

Blurred Lines
Again, the sun is finally in his fingers. But again, this isn't a pic he can show to his grandparents without blowing their minds.

6. So Many Suns

So Many Suns
Dozens of suns and this poor guy can't get his fingers on a single one. The ultimate Photoshop fail.

7. Get That Sun!

Get That Sun!
Someone went full animated GIF mode to troll this guy's sunset photo. Smartass-ery taken to the next level.

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