Kim Kardashian Hairstyles: Which is Best?

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Kim Kardashian as a blonde? Brunette? In braids? Check out her many different hairstyles over the years now.

1. With Cornrows

With Cornrows
Kim Kardashian rocks some cornrows in this sort of frightening photo. Do you like the unusual look on her?

2. There's Something About Kim Kardashian

There's Something About Kim Kardashian
What's that in your hair, Kim Kardashian? The reality star has gone all Something About Mary on us.

3. With Blonde Highlights

With Blonde Highlights
Kim Kardashian would eventually go FULL-ON blonde, but she started out the experiment with a few highlights.

4. As Draco Malfoy

As Draco Malfoy
Or as a platinum blonde, really. But we just could not resist using this photo.

5. Going Retro

Going Retro
Kim could fit in on Mad Men with this hairstyle, couldn't she?

6. The Braided Updo

The Braided Updo
Kim Kardashian appears happy about this hairstyle. But should she be?

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