Kylie Jenner: Slammed For Photoshopping Thigh Gap!

Kylie Jenner: Slammed For Photoshopping Thigh Gap!

Kylie Jenner is one of the most popular people on Instagram, which means her every selfie is scrutinized in a way that few of us could ever really imagine.

Fortunately for Kylizzle, most of the comments on her pics are just teens trying to get other teens to follow them back, so she doesn't receive much in the way of criticism - even when she's guilty of some obvious re-touching.

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Ariel Winter Slams Haters, Photoshop Claims: This is the Real Me (and I'm HOT)!

Ariel Winter CLAPS BACK at Instagram Haters, Photoshop Rumors

Ariel Winter recently came under fire for allegedly Photoshopping one of her (many, smoldering, pretty much perfect) Instagram pics. 

Well, the actress - long an outspoken champion of body positivity - is not about to let it slide. To the 19-year-old, this is just too personal.

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