Paul Wesley: Here's EXACTLY When The Vampire Diaries Jumped the Shark

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In the aftermath of The Vampire Diaries, a number of stars have opened up on their experiences filming the polarizing series.

We now know that Paul Wesley and Nina Dobrev hated each other, at least for the first several months of filming.

In a new interview on Watch What Happens Live, Paul is addressing the show itself.

He's talking about whether viewers might ever see his character, Stefan Salvatore, on a spinoff like Legacies.

He's sharing the one huge thing that he would have changed about the series finale.

Finally, Paul reveals the exact point at which he feels that The Vampire Diaries jumped the shark.

1. Paul Wesley was on WWHL

Paul Wesley was on WWHL
Ian Somerhalder has moved on to a new show (still about Vampires -- V Wars premieres on Wednesday, December 5), but Paul is still getting asked about The Vampire Diaries. To be fair, he's best known for that show, and so is just about everyone who was on it. It was a big deal.

2. Fans got to ask questions

Fans got to ask questions
The first question was fairly simple: does he intend to reprise his role (or would he be interested in reprising his role) as Stefan Salvatore on Legacies?

3. Legacies ...

Legacies ...
Legacies is the second spinoff from The Vampire Diaries. While The Originals followed Klaus, Elijah, and Rebecca to New Orleans, Legacies shows Alaric -- who has been dead and also been an unkillable super-vampire but is now neither -- running a school for magical youths. Notably, Paul has directed some episodes.

4. So, will Stefan make a comeback?

So, will Stefan make a comeback?
"Oooo ... no," Paul replies. Andy notes that Stefan died, as much as that can possibly mean on a show like The Vampire Diaries where resurrections are fairly commonplace.

5. Paul does not want to revive Stefan

Paul does not want to revive Stefan
"I was very happy that he died," Paul shares. "And I had actually requested that he die."

6. Why is that?

Why is that?
"He did a lot of bad things, and I felt like he deserved death," Paul says accurately of Stefan, who would periodically go on binges during his 150 years of vampiric life in which he would massacre entire groups of people, earning him the nickname of "Ripper." It's true, and Paul should say it.

7. Now for a bigger question

Now for a bigger question
Andy Cohen reads a fan question, asking Paul if there were any storylines on The Vampire Diaries that made him feel like the show was jumping the shark -- meaning that it had run out of good stories and good material and had essentially outlived its potential for quality.

8. "Yes"

Paul answers in the affirmative before going into detail as to which storyline he felt crossed the line and signaled that the show was in decline.

9. Fans have all sorts of opinions

Fans have all sorts of opinions
A fan who, hypothetically, cried for twenty minutes during the episode in which Katherine Pierce died and then quit watching the show might say that the show lost its touch when it permanently killed off one of the best fictional characters of all time (me, I'm the fan).

10. Or maybe it was the departures

Or maybe it was the departures
Jeremy Gilbert was played by Steven R. McQueen, who got shipped off to star in Piranha 3D and Chicago Fire even before Nina Dobrev left the show.

11. Never let your hottest actor quit, folks

Never let your hottest actor quit, folks
Just from this photo, you can see how much Plot and Characterization Jeremy brought to the show. (Plot and Characterization are his arms) A show like The Vampire Diaries needs to maintain its rotating selection of thirst traps to help keep audiences hooked. Nina Dobrev and other gorgeous actresses are only half of that equation.

12. But what is Paul's answer?

But what is Paul's answer?
"Everyone was a supernatural being!" Paul exclaims in frustration. "What the hell?!"

13. To him, that's not how (sub)urban fantasy should work

To him, that's not how (sub)urban fantasy should work
"There need to be some humans," Paul argues. "We're in the real world!"

14. Fair enough

Fair enough
Though no one goes around complaining that none of the protagonists in Harry Potter are muggles, there's something to be said when a show like The Vampire Diaries sees its human characters become supernatural one-by-one. Elena and Caroline became vampires, Bonnie became SEVERAL types of witches and also the conduit to The Other Side. Alaric became several things, as we noted. Jeremy became a Hunter. Tyler was already a latent werewolf but became a Hybrid and then a regular werewolf again. it's A Lot.

15. Paul has a proposal

Paul has a proposal
He suggests that the ratio of humans to supernaturals on a show like that should be "fifty-fifty."

16. That's not Paul's only gripe

That's not Paul's only gripe
In reference to the series finale, Paul says: "I honestly think both brothers should have died."

17. They certainly both deserved it

They certainly both deserved it
A number of shows on The CW have characters do monstrously unforgivable things in early episodes but remain on the show for years after as protagonists. No offense to Delena shippers but what Damon did during early episodes of Season 1? Dude needed the death penalty at least as much as Stefan did.

18. Here's how Paul would have done it

Here's how Paul would have done it
"I would have liked that we both died and that Elena ... all of her memory was wiped and she went on to live a normal life and forgot that we ever existed. I think that would have been nice," Paul expresses.

19. Really?

Wouldn't the best ending be becoming a vampire but just living happily and peacefully for the rest of your life? There's nothing romantic about the horrors of physically aging, let alone death. Clearly, Paul buys into the idea that living as a mere human is somehow desirable. Not relatable.

20. Honestly?

Paul has as good of an answer as any about when the show jumped the shark, even if he doesn't single out a specific season or episode. But at least he's willing to let his character die. Notably, Joseph Morgan's reluctance to let his character die is why Klaus Mikaelson continued to live for years on his own spinoff, even though he's The Worst.

21. Check out Paul's interview for yourself

Honestly? I hadn't planned on checking out Legacies but this did remind me that it exists. I may have to give it a watch.

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