Taylor Selfridge Blasts Pregnancy Rumors: I Did NOT Have a Miscarriage!

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It's been almost two months since the world first learned that Taylor Selfridge is pregnant with Cory Wharton's baby.

During that time, Taylor has been surprisingly candid about her pregnancy, sharing even the most intimate details with her social media followers.

That means, of course, that fans have been updated on the bad, as well as the good.

Last month, Selfridge shared some heartbreaking news -- she had been pregnant with twins, but she lost one of the babies.

Fans responded with words of compassion and support -- but some of them also got the facts twisted, and now, Taylor is setting the record sraight.

Take a look:

1. Opening Up

Opening Up
Taylor Selfridge is sharing some very candid updates about her pregnancy. And this time, she's making sure fans and the media don't twist her words.

2. Taking a Break

Taking a Break
Shortly after she announced her pregnancy, Taylor took a short break from social media. When she returned, she revealed exactly why she decided to step away for a few days.

3. Staying Positive

Staying Positive
Taylor maintained a mostly positive tone while sharing some devastating news: she had been pregnant with twins, but she lost one of the babies.

4. Heartbreaking

"I actually ended up losing one of them," Selfridge revealed. "But on the positive side, my baby is healthy! And I'm 19 weeks now."

5. Breaking It Down

Breaking It Down
Taylor went on to explain that her short break from social media was not prompted by the loss of one child, but rather by concerns about the health of the remaining child.

6. (Ultra)Sound Reasoning

(Ultra)Sound Reasoning
The break, Taylor said, "wasn't about the loss of a twin, it was me not wanting to stress myself out too much over social media! I wanted to make sure my baby is as healthy as possible."

7. Case Closed

Case Closed
Taylor probably hoped that would be the end of the discussion with regard to her early pregnancy difficulties. Unfortunately, that didn't turn out to be the case.

8. That's the Internet For Ya

That's the Internet For Ya
Instead, a rumor that Taylor had suffered a miscarriage began to spread like wildfire on social media,

9. Setting the Record Straight

Setting the Record Straight
Now, Taylor has taken to Instagram once again, this time, with the goal of clearing up any lingering confusion over her previous post.

10. The Importance of Terminology

The Importance of Terminology
“I don’t like that people are calling it a miscarriage now. It’s called vanishing twin syndrome or disappearing twin syndrome,” she wrote.

11. How It Went Down

How It Went Down
“We went in for a check-up on our baby and they had found a separate empty sac so we didn’t know that we had twins before that," Taylor added.

12. No More Drama

No More Drama
From there, Taylor revealed that her main goal for the rest of her pregnancy is to avoid any undue stress.

13. Stress-Free

“I was so stressed out during the first trimester that I was afraid it was my fault that happened and that’s what I struggle with now,” she shared.

14. Good News

Good News
“Our baby is very healthy, we have no genetic issues to worry about after testing and we’re very happy about that," Selfridge added.

15. Followed By Bad News

Followed By Bad News
Unfortunately, Taylor might find it difficult to avoid further stress thanks to the latest rumors about her baby daddy.

16. Cheating on Tour

Cheating on Tour
Wharton and Selfridge's joy over their baby news was interrupted by an Instagram user's claims that Cory attempted to have sex with her during a recent trip to Buffalo.

17. Yikes

"Should I be like ‘Was she pregnant while you tried hooking up with me while you were in Buffalo? Or when you sent me dick vids, or when you wanted me to come to NYC and come to your hotel room?” the woman asked during an Instagram Live session.

18. Keeping It In Perspective

Keeping It In Perspective
Obviously, an allegation from some rando on social media doesn't amount to conclusive evidence.

19. Tough Times

Tough Times
Still, the allegations probably aren't helping with Taylor's goal of remaining stress-free throughout her pregnancy.

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