Nathan Griffith: Yes, I Was Drunk When I Got Arrested, But I Wasn't Driving!

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Last week, Nathan Griffith was arrested for driving under the influence.

Now, he's speaking out about the incident and claiming he's not guilty of the charges against him.

There's nothing unusual about that, of course.

What's strange about Nathan's case, however, is that he doesn't deny he was drunk -- but he does deny he was driving.

Clearly, this is the kind of weirdness that could only emerge from the orbit of fired Teen Mom 2 waste case Jenelle Evans.

But hey, maybe Nate's excuse just crazy enough to get him off the hook.

Here's the latest on Ms. Evans' troubled ex -- and his bizarre attempt to beat the DUI rap:

1. Nate the Not-So-Great

Nate the Not-So-Great
Yes, it's another booze-related arrest for serial f--k up Nathan Griffith. If you've been following this guy's "career" for the past few years, then you're probably not terribly surprised by this one.

2. Mug Shot Memory Lane

Mug Shot Memory Lane
Griffith has been locked up multiple times, and booze is usually a factor. In 2016, he was picked up for disorderly conduct, public intoxication, impairment and endangering himself and others.

3. It Never Ends

It Never Ends
In 2015, he was arrested for domestic assault. In 2013, he was picked up for DUI ... his second offense at the time.

4. The Terrible Twosome

The Terrible Twosome
Griffith, of course, is best known as the former fiance of Jenelle Evans, as well as the father of her son Kaiser.

5. The Misdemeanor Queen

The Misdemeanor Queen
To his credit, Nathan doesn't have nearly as many mug shots as Jenelle (who does, in all seriousness?!), but he's doing his damnedest to break her record.

6. Speaking Out

Speaking Out
Now, in a video provided to TMZ, Nathan is offering his own account of what happened on the day of his latest arrest. And while he expected him to proclaim his innocence, we didn't expect him to spin such an elaborate tale ...

7. Come Again?

"So supposedly there was a caller [who reported a] disturbance of a man sleeping behind [the wheel of] his car," Nate begins in the video above.

8. Moving On

Moving On
Griffith went on to clarify that he meant to say IN the car, not BEHIND the car. We'll let it slide because honestly, it's one of the least weird things about this video.

9. Just a Guy Out For a Stroll

Just a Guy Out For a Stroll
"The fire [department] showed up... I said everything was fine. I was going ahead and meeting some friends, and so of course I locked my doors and I was walking down the street," he continues.

10. A Drunken Stroll, That Is ...

A Drunken Stroll, That Is ...
Nathan conveniently leaves out the fact that he was hammered during this evening constitutional, but we'll get to that later.

11. Strange Cop Behavior

Strange Cop Behavior
"A good four or five minutes [later] I was pulled over by a police officer [who] told me to walk back to my vehicle," Griffith goes on.

12. Is He Claiming He Didn't Even Have Keys?

Is He Claiming He Didn't Even Have Keys?
"They could not get into my vehicle," Nathan says. "They asked if I was sleeping and if the car was being operated. I said no."

13. Sketchy Tests?

Sketchy Tests?
"They gave me a sobriety test," Griffith adds. "I think they were highly subjective to whether I was passing."

14. Walking a Fine Line

Walking a Fine Line
Nathan probably could've eliminated that subjective element by submitting to a breathalyzer test, but we guess it's not surprising that he'd gloss over that fact.

15. A Valid Question

A Valid Question
"So anyways, they arrest me for DUI and I was like, 'How are you arresting me for DUI if I wasn't even behind [the wheel of] a vehicle, operating a vehicle on a public access [road], and my vehicle wasn't even turned on?'" Griffith recalls.

16. To Clarify:

To Clarify:
If you're operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated, you can be arrested for DUI. It doesn't matter what kind of road you're on. But that's yet another point that we'll let Nate slide on.

17. Busted?

"And they said, 'We have witnesses saying you were sleeping behind your wheel when the vehicle was turned on,'" Nate goes on.

18. Counter-Argument

"'Obviously no because I can't even get in my vehicle,'" Nathan fired back.

19. Willing to Compromise

Willing to Compromise
Griffith concludes his account by claiming that he encouraged the officers to arrest him in a lesser charge. "'The least you can do is arrest me for public intoxication,'" he recalls saying.

20. To His Credit

Portions of Nathan's story do align with a 911 dispatcher's recording from the incident, in which a firefighter can be heard requesting a police presence.

21. Points?

And we suppose he earns some credibility by admitting that he was intoxicated rather than claiming total innocence.,

22. The Kaiser Factor

The Kaiser Factor
But even if his lawyers are able to plea him down to a lesser charge, the arrest won't help Nathan's chances in his ongoing custody battle against Jenelle.

23. Caught In the Middle

Caught In the Middle
Kaiser was removed from Jenelle's home and placed with Nathan following a CPS investigation earlier this year. However, the arrangement was only temporary.

24. Bad Decision-Making

Bad Decision-Making
Currently, Nathan is fighting for full custody, but this latest arrest won't do him any favors when the case goes in front of a judge.

25. Best of Luck

Best of Luck
His wild account of phantom keys and confused cops might help him avoid jail time, but the family court judge is unlikely to be convinced.

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