Nathan Griffith: Yes, I Was Drunk When I Got Arrested, But I Wasn't Driving!

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Last week, Nathan Griffith was arrested for driving under the influence.

Now, he's speaking out about the incident and claiming he's not guilty of the charges against him.

There's nothing unusual about that, of course.

What's strange about Nathan's case, however, is that he doesn't deny he was drunk -- but he does deny he was driving.

Clearly, this is the kind of weirdness that could only emerge from the orbit of fired Teen Mom 2 waste case Jenelle Evans.

But hey, maybe Nate's excuse just crazy enough to get him off the hook.

Here's the latest on Ms. Evans' troubled ex -- and his bizarre attempt to beat the DUI rap:

1. Nate the Not-So-Great

Nate the Not-So-Great
Yes, it's another booze-related arrest for serial f--k up Nathan Griffith. If you've been following this guy's "career" for the past few years, then you're probably not terribly surprised by this one.

2. Mug Shot Memory Lane

Mug Shot Memory Lane
Griffith has been locked up multiple times, and booze is usually a factor. In 2016, he was picked up for disorderly conduct, public intoxication, impairment and endangering himself and others.

3. It Never Ends

It Never Ends
In 2015, he was arrested for domestic assault. In 2013, he was picked up for DUI ... his second offense at the time.

4. The Terrible Twosome

The Terrible Twosome
Griffith, of course, is best known as the former fiance of Jenelle Evans, as well as the father of her son Kaiser.

5. The Misdemeanor Queen

The Misdemeanor Queen
To his credit, Nathan doesn't have nearly as many mug shots as Jenelle (who does, in all seriousness?!), but he's doing his damnedest to break her record.

6. Speaking Out

Speaking Out
Now, in a video provided to TMZ, Nathan is offering his own account of what happened on the day of his latest arrest. And while he expected him to proclaim his innocence, we didn't expect him to spin such an elaborate tale ...

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