Leah Messer: I Need That Jeremy Calvert Dong In My Life!

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If you've been watching Teen Mom 2 this season you've likely picked up on two very important facts:

1. As much as Jenelle sucks, the show is suffering under her absence, and 

2. Leah Messer would do anything to win Jeremy Calvert back.

Leah and Jeremy hooked up while they were in New York for this year's reunion special, and ever since, rumors about the two of them getting back together have been circulating non-stop.

Both parties act like they're keeping it casual and seeing where things go from here, but as Tuesday's episide of TM2 reminded us, Leah would remarry Jeremy in a heartbeat if he asked.

Take a look:

1. Back At It

Back At It
Leah and Jeremy have hooked up at least twice since pulling the plug on their marriage in 2015. And Leah is hoping there's more where that came from.

2. Porkin' In New York

Porkin' In New York
The most recent ex sex that we know about took place earlier this year when Leah and Jeremy were both in Manhattan to film this year's TM2 reunion show.

3. The Truth

The Truth
To be clear -- Messer and Calvert have almost certainly hooked up again in the months since, but there's only so much that they'll talk about on the show.

4. Vacation Time

Vacation Time
The former couple would probably spend even more time together were it not for the fact that she now devotes about a third of year to indulging in exotic island vacations with Kailyn Lowry.

5. Two Birds With One Stone

Two Birds With One Stone
On this week's episode of Teen Mom 2, Leah attempted to combine her two passions by convincing Jeremy to join her on her latest Kail trip.

6. The Long Vacay

The Long Vacay
Kail and Leah took their kids to Hawaii for a MONTH over the summer -- because this is a show about the real-life challenges faced by struggling single moms.

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