Nathan Griffith to David Eason: You Married the Devil!

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Over the weekend, Jenelle Evans married David Eason, her third baby daddy and fifth fiancé.

Jenelle's burned a lot of bridges in her day, so it's not surprising that the trash talkers came out of woodwork on social media.

Chief among them was Jenelle's second baby daddy, Nathan Griffith, who offered up some less-than-kind words on Twitter.

Check out Nate's take on Jenelle's wedding in the gallery below. 

He might not be the most articulate baby daddy on the block, but he certainly got his point across:


1. Jenelle & David: An Unholy Union

Jenelle & David: An Unholy Union
Jenelle and David Eason got hitched in a small ceremony in North Carolina. MTV camera crews were invited, but Jenelle's mom was not.

2. An Exclusive Guest List

An Exclusive Guest List
There were other important people in Jenelle's life who were also persona non-grata. The list included her ex-husband, and the the three other men she was engaged to, Nathan Griffith being the most recent mistake.

3. Nathan And Jenelle In Happier Times

Nathan And Jenelle In Happier Times
Griffith, of course, is the father of Jenelle's second son, and there was a time when they seemed destined for the altar. As you can see, they shared a love of selfies and human growth hormone.

4. Things Didn't Work Out

Things Didn't Work Out
Not only did Jenelle and Nathan breakup, however, they melted down in epic fashion. As with so many developments in Jenelle's life, multiple arrests were involved.

5. Battle of the Bad Parents

Battle of the Bad Parents
These days Nathan and Jenelle are engaged in an epic custody battle. And their poor son Kaiser is caught in the middle.

6. Nate Goes Nuclear

Nate Goes Nuclear
Currently, Nathan is claiming that Jenelle did drugs while she pas pregnant with their son.

7. Enemies Join Forces

Enemies Join Forces
He's also joined forces with her mother, Barbara Evans, to try and completely strip Jenelle of her custody rights. It's not hard to see why neither of them was invited to the wedding.

8. Griffith Has Moved On

Griffith Has Moved On
These days, Nathan is engaged to Amanda Lynn. But of course, he's still very much wrapped up in Jenelle's personal life.

9. The Ties That Bind

The Ties That Bind
Not only do they have a son together, Nathan remains a regular on Teen Mom 2. (A special episode entitled Being Nathan aired just last night.)

10. Nathan on Jenelle's Wedding

Nathan on Jenelle's Wedding
Nathan is now complaining that Jenelle never thanked him for congratulating her on her wedding. She may have been busy, ya know, getting married, but Nate cranked the vitriol up to 11 and called her a "SheDevil."

11. Nathan Griffith: The White Knight

Nathan Griffith: The White Knight
Nate might be talking more trash than anyone, but he wants the rest of you to just back off, okay? It's her wedding, for Pete's sake!

12. Taking Passive-Aggression to New Heights

Taking Passive-Aggression to New Heights
He defends, but he also disses. In a way, this is the perfect tweet.

13. The Hilarity Continues

The Hilarity Continues
Nathan would like to conclude his attack on Jenelle by reminding you all not to attack Jenelle. After all, IT'S HER WEDDING, PEOPLE!!!

14. Jenelle and Nathan...One Complex Relationship

Jenelle and Nathan...One Complex Relationship
Of course, it's impossible to tell what the future holds in store for Nathan and Jenelle ...

15. The Battle Rages On!

The Battle Rages On!
... Actually, no it's not. They'll continue to butt heads in the ugliest custody battle the Teen Mom franchise has ever seen. And, of course, they'll keep right on bad-mouthing each other on social media.

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