Milo Gibson: Meet Mel's Really Hot Son!

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For the record, Mel Gibson is an anti-Semite with a disturbing history of violence against women.

But it must also be said: the actor knows how to create a fine looking son!

The world met Milo Gibson, 26, at the world premiere of Hacksaw Ridge on October 25, 2016, a film directed by his famous father that marks Milo's acting debut.

Milo is one of seven kids Mel has with his his ex-wife, former dental nurse Robyn Moore Gibson.

They are also parents of Hannah, 36, Christian, 34, Edward, 34, William, 31, Louis, 28, and Thomas, 17.

Gibson, meanwhile, shares daughter Lucia, 6, with ex-girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva and is expecting his NINTH child with his latest girlfriend, Rosalind Ross.

Check out the following photos of Milo Gibson and at least be grateful that Mel did one thing good in his life...


1. Milo Gibson

Milo Gibson
Milo Gibson is the 26-year old son of Mel Gibson. His dad obviously sucks, but Milo is very handsome.

2. Milo Gibson Picture

Milo Gibson Picture
This is Milo Gibson. We had no idea Mel Gibson had a child that was so easy on the eyes.

3. Milo Gibson Photo

Milo Gibson Photo
Milo Gibson burst into the spotlight at the premiere of his father's movie, Hacksaw Ridge. We find him to be very, very good looking.

4. Milo Gibson and a Guest

Milo Gibson and a Guest
We don't know who Milo Gibson is posing with in this red carpet photo. We hope it isn't his wife. We want to fantasize about him being single.

5. Milo Gibson Pic

Milo Gibson Pic
Milo Gibson makes his acting debut in the war movie Hacksaw Ridge. It was directed by his famous father, Mel Gibson.

6. The Better Gibson

The Better Gibson
Hello there, Milo Gibson! We don't like the fact that your dad beats up women and hates Jewish people. But we do love your handsome mug!

7. Mel Gibson, Son

Mel Gibson, Son
Milo Gibson has the same bushy beard as his father. Let's hope he has more respect toward women, however.

8. The Gibsons

The Gibsons
Mel Gibson is clearly very proud of his son, Milo Gibson. The latter stars in the war drama Hacksaw Ridge, which was directed by the former.

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