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Rosalind Ross and Mel Gibson are expecting their first child together.

Yes, someone was recently willing to have sex with Mel Gibson…

… but wait! It gets even crazier!

Rosalind Ross
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This will be Gibson’s NINTH child overall, which means someone was willing to have sex with Mel Gibson on, at minimum, nine different occasions.

The anti-Semitic actor is already a father to eight other children from previous relationships.

They are (deep breath…) daughter Hannah and six sons – Edward, Christian, William, Louis, Milo and Thomas – from his 28-year marriage to former dental nurse Robyn Moore.

He also has a six-year old daughter named with ex-girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva.

Gibson and Ross started dating two years ago.

The former is 60 years old and the latter is 26 years old, which would be enough of a reason for us to question Ross’ mental status.

But when you consider Gibson’s history of anger and violence toward women, as well as his general disdain for Jewish people and overall demeanor… well…

… let’s just hope there’s enough money left over for diapers after Ross is finished with her many months of therapy.

Rosalind Ross and Mel Gibson
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Ross makes her living as a champion equestrian vaulter, which a sport that requires participants to dance and perform gymnastic routines on horseback.

Really. This is an actual sport.

We’d have many questions for Rosalind Ross about it if we didn’t first have so many questions about why she would give Mel Gibson the time of day, let alone access to her most precious flower.

Last month, Grigorieva reportedly lost millions of dollars from her original settlement with the actor after she broke the terms of their agreement by talking about their alleged domestic abuse case in an interview back in 2013.

In March of 2011, Gibson pleaded no contest to charges of battery, avoiding jail time in the process.

He was placed on 36 months probation at the time and ordered to undergo counseling.

The charges came about after multiple tapes of Gibson absolutely berated Grigorieva went public in the summer of 2010.

Rosalind Ross Photo
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He called her a "pig." He made death threats against her. He sounded like such a raving lunatic that even Chris Brown would have told Gibson to calm the heck down.

As a result of the 46-year-old singer-songwriter’s slip-up, however, in talking about these incidents a few years ago, the Australian actor will no longer have to pay Grigorieva the remaining balance of their settlement.

He has already shelled out to her the first of the three installments, totaling $250,000.

Rosalind Ross Photo
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He’s a really terrible human being.

For the record, this will be Ross’ first child.