Meghan Markle and Prince Harry: Expecting a Boy AND a Girl?!

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After last month's royal wedding, reports came out that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry were trying to make a royal baby ASAP.

They returned from their royal honeymoon just weeks ago, but a report says that there's already good news.

Not only is Meghan reportedly pregnant, but she is allegedly carrying faternal twins: a boy and a girl!

Meghan Markle Pink Dress

OK! magazine ran a cover story with the headline: "Meghan’s Twins Announcement: It’s A Boy & A Girl!"

Wow! Fraternal twins are always exciting in celebrity news. And royal twins? That would be so welcome.

According to OK!, their source dishes that Meghan is "already expecting Prince Harry’s offspring."

It sounds like they got right to work after their wedding.

Per the insider, Meghan "found out they were pregnant as soon as they returned from their private honeymoon to East Africa."

Obviously, this royal couple is described as being "so thrilled."

Royally Just Married

In fact, the report claims that Meghan and Harry have "already started spilling the beans" to members of the royal family.

The insider says that they've already gushed to Kate, William, Charles, Camilla, and "even the queen."

"They didn’t expect it to happen so soon," the source reports. "And they were all the more giddy to learn they were having two -- one a boy, the other a girl."

OK!'s cover even includes a quote, reading: "We'll raise our babies in America!"


That's not a direct quote, of course.

But the insider claims that Harry is "willing to go the extra mile to make motherhood everything Meghan dreamed it would be -- even if it means raising their children in America."

Markle Waves

But the ever-vigilant folks over at Gossip Cop are more than prepared to shoot down this story.

The most outlandish part of this story, which they note is only sourced from unnamed insiders, is that the "palace confirms" it, as there has been no confirmation or announcement of anything of the sort.

A close runner-up in absurdity, they report, is the suggestion that Harry and Meghan are planning to raise these new children in the U.S.

See, Meghan has to obtain British citizenship.

One of the requirements is that she not spend more than 270 days in any given year outside of the UK during the three years before she applies.

Which means that raising her kids across the pond in the United States seems to be out of the question.

Meghan Markle: A Pretty Picture

There's more, because  ... how do they already know that it's a boy and a girl?

We would point out that Harry and Meghan got married on May 19. That is just barely a month ago.

In fact, this royal couple delayed their actual honeymoon -- which was just a few weeks ago.

That is certainly enough time to know if she is pregnant. That can be determined as early as two weeks following conception.

Ramzi's Reading, the method of using an ultrasound to determine what genitals a fetus is developing and thereby guess the gender very early in a pregnancy, requires six weeks.

Unless Meghan and Harry's honeymoon in East Africa took place in some sort of time dilation field, we can't imagine that they could have already used this method, even if the new Duchess really did conceive fraternal twins.

If she became pregnant before the wedding -- something that we imagine that she and Harry took steps to avoid, to avoid a royal scandal -- we suppose that she might have had time to find out.

But wouldn't they be working hard to keep it under wraps so that they can fudge the timeline and appease the stuffy people who don't like Meghan to begin with?

Meghan Markle and Harry in Car

Additionally, Gossip Cop says that their contacts with Kensington Palace have made it clear that Meghan is not yet pregnant, despite multiple outlets eager to claim that this is the case.

In fact, when they contacted the Palace a few weeks ago, the person to whom they spoke about a pregnancy rumor's response was mirthful laughter.

But you know what?

As eager as we all are for more royal babies, let's not get greedy. Kate just gave birth a couple of months ago. Sometimes, you need to spread out your happy stories.

All good things to those who wait, folks.

Well ... maybe not fraternal twins. But cute babies will come along in their own time.

In the mean time, let's all be happy for Meghan's new life.

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