Little People, Big World Fans Think Caryn Chandler May Murder Matt Roloff

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We have a simple question for members of the Internet.

And that question is this:


Over the past few days, Matt Roloff has shared a couple photos of himself and Caryn Chandler, writing some very nice things about the woman he's been seeing for over a year now.

The Little People, Big World patriarch and his girlfriend seem very happy together.

And yet... many Instagram users are apparentlly very unhappy for them. 

You won't believe some of the harsh things said about Chandler below. Or maybe you will because the Web can be a cruel and dangerous place.

But check out the pictures down below and then join us in being aghast of the reception online to them.

1. Smiling with Caryn

Smiling with Caryn
"Can't believe how fast the past few weeks flew by... we spent time at our fav place in Maui, then a wonderful thanksgiving in Arizona and now writing this post at 32,000 ft somewhere about Nevada... yep... on our way back to the farm. Need to get a serious dose of grand babies," wrote Matt as a caption to this photo.

2. More Time with Caryn

More Time with Caryn
Added Roloff as a caption here: "Enjoying some extended R&R down in sunny Arizona with this wonderful woman!! What a sweetheart she is."

3. How Cute! So What's the Big Deal?

How Cute! So What's the Big Deal?
That's what we would love to know. Because millions of people watched Matt and Amy Roloff lead Little People, Big World as a married couple for many seasons, they can't seem to accept that both halves of this former couple have moved one. Just consider some of the comments in response to these pictures!

4. What Was Wrong with Amy?!?

What Was Wrong with Amy?!?
Matt and Amy were married for 27 years and had four kids together. We're pretty sure he treated her very well over the years.

5. ... To Murder Him?

... To Murder Him?
Incredibly, this is not the only comment that implies Caryn Chandler may flat out kill Matt and take his money.

6. Ah, Yes, the Dreaded Black Widow Type

Ah, Yes, the Dreaded Black Widow Type
This would be the other such comment.

7. What Would Jesus Say?!?

What Would Jesus Say?!?
We know this one! The meek shall inherit the earth, right?!?

8. She Likes it in the A$$!

She Likes it in the A$$!
Ummm... excuse you?

9. God is Against This Relationship

God is Against This Relationship

10. Hey! Here's a Fan!

Hey! Here's a Fan!
Not everyone is a close-minded hater, at least.

11. There is One Thing About Caryn

There is One Thing About Caryn
She worked as the Roloff farm manager for years and therefore knew Amy well before she started dating Matt. So there has been a bit of understandable awkwardness and tension here.

12. But Amy is Happy!

But Amy is Happy!
She's in her own very serious relationship with Chris Marek and has never really said a negative thing about Caryn or Matt.

13. If Both of the Roloffs Have Moved On...

If Both of the Roloffs Have Moved On...
... can't you do the same?

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