Mackenzie Standifer Blasts MTV: Stay the Hell Away From My Baby or ELSE!

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Mackenzie Standifer may be relatively new to the world of Teen Mom OG, but she's already biting the hand that feeds her like a seasoned pro.

Standifer took to Instagram to gripe about the show's producers this week, and the response from fans has been -- mixed.

After all, this is the show that fired Mackenzie and Ryan at their lowest point.

Then again, where would Mackenzie be right now if the show hadn't taken her back?

Here's what we know about the situation thus far:

1. Mack and Jagger

Mack and Jagger
Mackenzie welcomed son Jagger back in October. Her husband, Ryan Edwards, was not present at the birth, as he was undergoing in-patient treatment for his addiction to heroin.

2. Dad's Home

Dad's Home
These days, Ryan is home from treatment, but Mackenzie is still being very protective of her family's privacy.

3. Mystery Baby

Mystery Baby
For example, she has yet to post a single photo in which Jagger's face can be seen. She continues to use emojis to protect his identity.

4. Mixed Response

Mixed Response
Some fans have applauded Mackenzie for this move, while others find it unnecessary.

5. Not Messing Around

Not Messing Around
But like it or not, Mackenzie is not playing games when it comes to protecting her child's privacy.

6. Mack Attack

Mack Attack
Standifer recently took to Instagram to complain about the way she was being treated by MTV producers.

7. No Satisfaction

No Satisfaction
Specifically, she complained that they attempted to film her baby without her permission.

8. Mad Mack

Mad Mack
When a fan asked if Mackenzie was concealing her baby's face at MTV's request, Standifer offered this fiery response.

9. Piss Off

Piss Off
"Lol I told MTV to piss off when they tried to film him," she explained.

10. Super Frustrating

Super Frustrating
"And they still tried their hardest. So now you guys get to hear commentaries about him, which is super frustrating," she added.

11. Come Again?

Come Again?
We're not sure what Mackenzie means by that last part.

12. Commentaries

Commentaries from who? From the show's producers? Are they really trash-talking a baby on camera?

13. Paranoia Runs Deep

Paranoia Runs Deep
We're guessing Mackenzie has been scarred by her earlier experiences with MTV.

14. Not a Good Time?

Not a Good Time?
Her latest remarks have led some fans to suggest that perhaps Mackenzie should take a break from filming.

15. Cutting Ties

Cutting Ties
After all, it wasn't all that long ago that Mackenzie swore she was done with MTV entirely.

16. Rush to Judgment

Rush to Judgment
Her decision was a reaction to the network firing her and Ryan in response to his latest difficulties.

17. To Be Fair ...

To Be Fair ...
Of course, it's not like MTV had much of a choice in the matter.

18. Maci Making Moves

Maci Making Moves
Ryan's ex, Maci Bookout, insisted that the network stop filming Ryan, reportedly because she didn't want her son to witness his dad's legal and addiction issues.

19. The Right Call?

The Right Call?
We can't say we blame her. And neither should Mackenzie.

20. Who to Blame?

Who to Blame?
Then again, Mackenzie shouldn't blame MTV, either. It was just an unfortunate situation for everyone involved.

21. Mack to the Future

Mack to the Future
It's unclear what's next for Mackenzie. She unexpectedly returned to Teen Mom OG earlier this season.

22. Logistics

But will she be able to keep filming while also keeping her baby off camera?

23. The Ryan Factor

The Ryan Factor
Plus, Ryan is out of rehab now, and we have no idea if he's allowed to resume filming.

24. In Any Event ...

In Any Event ...
Perhaps Mackenzie should just be happy to have any money coming into her house at all.

25. After All ...

After All ...
We doubt any other employers are beating down the door to offer her six figures for jobs that don't really require her to do anything.

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