Mackenzie Standifer: Jenelle Evans is a Friggen BITCH and I'm So SICK of Her!

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The Teen Mom cast is fun because when you think about it, there are probably more cast members that you hate than ones that you love, right?

Farrah Abraham is pretty much universally despised, and Amber Portwood and Kailyn Lowry have more than their fair share of haters, too.

But two of the biggest villains have to be Jenelle Evans and Mackenzie Standifer.

And because we are so blessed, those two seem to be starting a great big feud with each other.


Let's get into it!

1. So Many Struggles

So Many Struggles
So Mackenzie is going through a bit of a tough time right now.

2. Thanks, Ryan

Thanks, Ryan
And that's because, for some reason we'll never understand, she thought it would be a good idea to marry Ryan Edwards.

3. Heroin

For the vast majority of their relationship, if not for the whole entire thing, Ryan's been addicted to heroin.

4. So Sad

So Sad
He was arrested in 2017 for heroin possession, and again in 2018 for violating parole by failing a drug test.

5. Getting Sadder

Getting Sadder
He was actually arrested twice in 2018 -- the second time, it was for violating probation again, this time for getting a big speeding ticket and failing to complete his community service.


He kicked of 2019 with yet another arrest. In January, he went to jail for skipping out on a bar tab, and also again for heroin possession. He's been in jail since, and is scheduled to remain there until next month.

7. But Wait, There's More!

But Wait, There's More!
All that's bad enough, but in between all the crime, a whole mess of other things happened.

8. Good Ol' Tinder

Good Ol' Tinder
More than once, Ryan was caught having a Tinder account and using it to try to hook up with other ladies behind Mackenzie's back.

9. Goodness Gracious

Goodness Gracious
He also earned himself a couple of restraining orders when he threatened to kidnap Bentley and to murder Taylor McKinney, Maci Bookout's husband.

10. Uh Oh ...

Uh Oh ...
And in the midst of all this, Mackenzie got pregnant.

11. Hi, Jagger!

Hi, Jagger!
She gave birth to a baby boy she named Jagger Edwards while Ryan was off in rehab.

12. Taking Those Vows Seriously

Taking Those Vows Seriously
But through it all, for better or worse, Mackenzie has been standing by her man.


And that's why she's so pissed at Jenelle right now.

14. Ding Dang Clickbait

Ding Dang Clickbait
So at this point, you're probably familiar with the clickbait that most of the cast members share on Instagram. They post a link, they get paid, it's usually not that big a deal.

15. Come On, Dude

Come On, Dude
Jenelle posted this one on Monday about Ryan, and as you can see, it asked the question "Is Ryan Edwards being abused in prison?"

16. The Details

The Details
The story Jenelle linked to was about some lawsuits against the jail that's holding Ryan -- one about sexual harassment, one about the kitchen serving cold food, and another about an inmate receiving inadequate medical care. All those cases were dismissed.

17. Super Uncool

Super Uncool
But the fact that Jenelle posted anything about it at all was enough to set Mackenzie off.

18. Easy, Killer

Easy, Killer
And boy, did she go off.

19. Get Her!

Get Her!
She took a screenshot of Jenelle's post and put it on her Instagram story, and along with it she wrote a big rant that kicked off with "I'm over this."

20. So Sick

So Sick
"Honestly, I'm so sick of seeing this click bait bullsh-t," she continued before addressing Jenelle directly with "I think you have enough drama going on in your own life to worry about what's going on in mine."

21. Making Enemies

Making Enemies
"I've never even met you and I actually stood up for you when asked how I felt about your actions and decisions supporting your husband. Well bitch this is mine and I will support and defend him. But hey, anything to make a buck, huh?"

22. Ouch

She made one more post to add "And you're probably the last person that should be talking about abuse."

23. So Much

So Much
So there's an awful lot to unpack here, right?

24. All for Nothing?

All for Nothing?
First and foremost, Mackenzie knows Jenelle didn't choose to say anything bad about Ryan, right?

25. For Real Though

For Real Though
None of the Teen Moms choose what's posted on their pages, and they certainly don't write the headlines. Jenelle is just doing what most of the rest of the cast does, only this time it's about Ryan, so Mackenzie is upset.

26. Taking It (Relatively) Easy

Taking It (Relatively) Easy
Besides, the story on Jenelle's story wasn't even that bad. It was about the jail, not Ryan himself, so it seems like an odd one for Mack to get mad about.

27. Seriously

Not to mention the fact that bringing up Jenelle's alleged abuse at the hands of David Eason was a seriously low blow.

28. On the Other Hand ...

On the Other Hand ...
Still, it's kind of hard to defend Jenelle here, because remember when she threw a similar fit about the Teen Mom clickbait? She sent out cease and desist letters and everything, even though she did and still does the exact same thing.

29. Well ...

Well ...
She's always been pretty hypocritical, but still, weird move.

30. Also This

Also This
Then again, as we always say, we have to remember that Mackenzie is in a pretty weird position herself. She's 22 years old, she's got two kids, and her husband is a heroin addict who is currently in jail. Misdirected anger isn't entirely unexpected.

31. Here's Hoping

Here's Hoping
Hopefully someday Ryan can pull it together, if not for himself and his family, then for the sake of the petty feuds his wife gets into for his honor.

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