Cheyenne Floyd to Fans: You Will NEVER Meet My New Boyfriend!

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Along with Bristol Palin, Cheyenne Floyd is one of the two newest additions to the Teen Mom franchise.

Cheyenne had experienced a taste of the spotlight as a result of her role on The Challenge, but she's never known anything quite like Teen Mom fame.

And it turns out she's not that crazy about it.

Cheyenne is in a new relationship but she's going to great lengths to keep the whole thing a secret.

Why? Well, it turns out she's got some good reasons for keeping this thing on the DL.

Take a look:

1. New Girl

New Girl
Cheyenne might be one of the newest additions to the Teen Mom family, but she's a savvy veteran when it comes to playing the media game.

2. Old Flame

Old Flame
Throughout much of her time in the Teen Mom spotlight, Cheyenne has been grappling with a tumultuous on/off relationship with Cory Wharton.

3. On to the Next One

On to the Next One
These days, Cheyenne has moved on to a new relationship -- and it's different from her last one in a very big way.

4. Mystery Man

Mystery Man
Despite the fact that fans are clamoring for details about her new dude, Cheyenne had decided to keep his identity under wraps.

5. But Why?

But Why?
And what led Cheyenne to this curious decision? Well, it seems all that public pressure may have had an impact on her previous relationship.

6. Life On the DL

Life On the DL
“I think it’s important to take this time to enjoy each another outside of a public eye,” Floyd recently told Life & Style.

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