Mackenzie McKee Talks Divorce, Says She's Totally "Broken"

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Mackenzie McKee is going through a lot these days.

The new Teen Mom OG cast member is dealing with her mother's ongoing cancer battle, along with her recent split from husband Josh.

The reality star announced this impending divorce in mid-August, sounding somewhat optimistic about her future despite this unfortunate development.

But now McKee doesn't sound like she's in a great place.

Nor does she sound like a huge fan of Josh.

Scroll down for the latest on the MTV personality and her personal life...

1. Where did it all go wrong?

Where did it all go wrong?
When Josh cheated on her? Or, at least, when allegations of Josh cheating on her surfaced.

2. Did he actually cheat?

Did he actually cheat?
TBD, we guess. On McKee's first episode of Teen Mom OG, we watched as Mackenzie grew concerned over her husband's fidelity after he left for a rodeo and a woman contacted McKee, alleging that she witnessed Josh flirting with another female.

3. What's the history here?

What's the history here?
The couple tied the knot in 2013 and have been dating since 2009. They have three kids: son Gannon, 7, daughter Jaxie Taylor, 5, and Broncs Weston, who turned 3 this summer.

4. How did McKee break the news?

How did McKee break the news?
"I would like to say, that due to stress, me needing to stay focused, the media, etc. I am deciding my marriage needs a break. My heart breaks for my kids. But as of right now, this is what’s best. Thank you,” the reality star wrote back on August 24.

5. Staying Positive

Staying Positive
"Freshly single and ready to, be the boss babe that I am and let God lead me to what i deserve,” McKee later wrote in as a caption to a selfie. She later edited the caption to point out that the picture “is an old photo so my ring is on.”

6. It all sounded pretty amicable at the time...

It all sounded pretty amicable at the time...
... but then? Things took a turn for the dramatic and cantankerous.

7. Yikes! What did she say?

Yikes! What did she say?
“Turns out, Josh is not a good man whatsoever,” the Teen Mom OG star told Us Weekly just days after her separation announcement. “Watching the show and catching him in lies, seeing how independent he is, I realize I deserve better.”

8. Mackenzie continued to slam Josh, too

Mackenzie continued to slam Josh, too
After seeing his actions and words play out on the aforementioned Teen Mom OG episode, Mackenzie went on to trash Josh to this tabloid as follows: “I have fought for this marriage for many years, and lately, I’ve really opened my eyes to what a horrible person he is."

9. Whoa there!!!!

Whoa there!!!!
We know, right?!? And now McKee is back, saying some more mean stuff about Josh.

10. This marriage is over!

This marriage is over!
“Josh is not my husband,” Mackenzie has now The Ashley. “I’m not sure I ever want to be with him again. [I’m] glad we can be friends for the kids, though."

11. Too little and late, dude

Too little and late, dude
Mackenzie recently posted about Josh on social media, Tweeting on Tuesday, September 17: “Only an idiot like you will wait until I’ve fallen completely out of love with you to be everything you were supposed to be this entire time." We don't know to which, exactly, McKee is referring here.

12. It's all about me right now!

It's all about me right now!
"Me and Josh are friends and are on good terms,” she added to The Ashley. “I’m still taking this time for myself. I’m doing counseling, just so an outside eye looking in can give me guidance. I just had so much piling up all at once, I just need time and structure."

13. No negativity here!

No negativity here!
“Me and Josh do love one another, that will never change,” Mackenzie emphasized. “God will guide me where I belong and I’m trusting in him right now and focusing on being there for my mom."

14. Yes, her poor and sick mother...

Yes, her poor and sick mother...
“I don’t want to look back one day and say I spent her last days being angry or miserable," she continued. "I think I got so caught up in life I stopped loving myself. If I can’t love myself first, I can’t give it to anyone else."

15. Are she and Josh still living together?

Are she and Josh still living together?
Yes, "for the most part," Mackenzie says.

16. Really? They are?

Really? They are?
“The home is ours, so it was kind of tough to say who leaves and who stays, because whoever leaves is pretty much homeless,” she explains. “But we have a left wing on the opposite side of the house with a bedroom and bathroom. [Josh] left for 2 weeks and when we decided to be civil he moved back in for the most part.”

17. Troubled Times

Troubled Times
Shortly after giving this interview to The Ashley, McKee shared this selfie online and wrote: "Posting at midnight because insomnia.... so much of my life right now I’m confused, I’m broken, I’m sad."

18. And she concluded:

And she concluded:
"I just don’t understand, but I’m learning. Everyday through this dark tunnel I am learning."

19. I shall rise

I shall rise
Still, McKee is trying to remain hopeful. She Tweeted this just two hours before we made this slideshow live -- and we wish her the best.

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