Kailyn Lowry & Leah Messer's Costa Rican Vacation: What REALLY Went Down?

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It's hard to think of anything less scandalous than a friendship developing between two longtime co-workers.

But when the colleagues in question are Kailyn Lowry and Leah Messer, a simple vacation is enough to fuel months of speculation.

Primarily, the rumors around the possibility that Lowry and Messer are dating.

It doesn't help that one of their co-workers -- *cough* Jenelle Evans *cough* -- has been providing grist for the mill by implying that these two are more than friends.

So what really happened when the moms set off for Costa Rica together?

Well, we finally found out on Tuesday's episode of Teen Mom 2.

Take a look:

1. Besties With Benefits?

Besties With Benefits?
Yes, despite their repeated denials, some fans remain convinced that Kail and Leah are involved in a romantic relationship.

2. The Travelers

The Travelers
Leah and Kail vacation together on a regular basis, and this has sparked romance rumors because ... they occasionally sport swimwear and take photos together?

3. Kail and the Kids

Kail and the Kids
We're not really sure, to be honest. You'd think the fact that Kail and Leah frequently bring their kids on these excursions would be enough to quash rumors of an illicit affair, but apparently not.

4. Central America Bound

Central America Bound
This time around, Kail and Leah set out for Costa Rica without any kids along for the ride.

5. What Happens in Costa Rica ...

What Happens in Costa Rica ...
Many assumed that Lowry and Messer engaged in all manner of wild behavior, and not just because they left the kids at home.

6. Ups and Downs

Ups and Downs
Just prior to the trip, Leah endured what must have been one of the most tumultuous periods of her life.

7. Newly Single

Newly Single
At the time of the vacay, Leah was still relatively fresh from her breakup with Jason Jordan.

8. Moving On

Moving On
Sure, some time had passed, and Leah seemed happy to be back on the market, but by all accounts, she thought Jason was The One, so the split must have stung at least a little.

9. Back In the Picture

Back In the Picture
Adding to the confusion is the fact that Leah had hooked up with ex-husband Jeremy Calvert just weeks before the Costa Rica trip.

10. Mixed Feelings

Mixed Feelings
At the time of her latest excursion with Kail, Leah seemed wholly unsure of what the future held for her and Jeremy.

11. Tough Times

Tough Times
Factor in recent health problems endured by daughter Ali, and it's not hard to see why Leah might have needed a vacation.

12. Similar Strife

Similar Strife
As for Kail, she'd be the first tell you that her personal life is pretty much always in disarray.

13. Toughing It Out

Toughing It Out
The life of a single mom of three is never easy. That's not to say Kail isn't up to the challenge -- but we're sure she could use a break from time to time.

14. Perfect Storm

Perfect Storm
With all that going, it seems like Kail and Leah would be primed to really blow off some steam in Costa Rica, right? Well, not so much ...

15. Good Times

Good Times
We finally got to see Kail and Leah's trip to Central America on last night's episode of Teen Mom 2, and the whole thing was surprisingly ... tame.

16. Vicky In the House

Vicky In the House
The friends were joined by a crew that included Leah's now-pregnant sister, Victoria.

17. Keeping It Chill

Keeping It Chill
But despite the fact that Victoria was not yet knocked up, this was no wild bacchanal.

18. That's It

That's It
In fact, Kail falling in the water during a rafting trip appeared to be the wildest thing that happened.

19. Just BFFs

Just BFFs
So apologies to those who were hoping for more. It looks like Kail and Leah really are just friends.

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