Maci Bookout Shares Ultrasound Photo: "It's Time"

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It feels like every month or two, a brand new round of rumors start going around about Maci Bookout being pregnant.

We're not sure why it happens so often - maybe it's because she's a fan favorite and a pregnancy would be good news.

It could also be because she's so small and thin that a big lunch could give the Teen Mom star something of a "baby bump."

It's hard to say exactly why this speculation pops up as much as it does, but we can tell you that it's happening again.

Except this time, Maci herself is sharing actual ultrasound photos ... with the caption "its time." Is it really time?

Let's get into it.

1. Yay, Maci!

Yay, Maci!
So, Maci Bookout ... everybody loves Maci, right? She's one of the best moms in the whole wide Teen Mom world. Maybe even the actual world.

2. Oops

She's only had one real scandal - that one where she drank early in her pregnancy with Maverick. She said she didn't know she was pregnant until a good few months in, but a lot of people have a hard time believing that. In any case, that's about it for Maci's questionable behavior and the widespread love she receives from fans is a testament to that.

3. Anyway

She's always been pretty great. Better than great. Her relationship with her original baby's father, Ryan Edwards, was a disaster, but Maci came out of it stronger, and Ryan ... that's a subject for another blog post.

4. So Sweet!

So Sweet!
After moving on from Ryan, Maci has been with her husband Taylor McKinney for a bunch of years now, and they undoubtedly have one of the best relationships, if not the best, in the Teen Mom franchise.

5. So Cute!

So Cute!
She has three precious kids - Bentley, who she had with Ryan, and then she and Taylor had Jayde and Maverick.

6. So Fancy!

So Fancy!
She and Taylor just bought a brand new house in their home state of Tennessee, and they're still working hard on their fashion line.

7. So Many Good Things!

So Many Good Things!
From everything we know of Maci DeShane Bookout McKinney, she seems stable and happy, and she's clearly a good mom, and she's only 28 - so why not add another kid into the mix?

8. Oh

Well, according to some recent rumors, that's what's happening! And for once, celebrity gossip sites didn't concoct these rumors out of thin air. Hear us out on this.

9. Hmmm

The rumors started because at the beginning of the month, Maci shared this photo advertising a sale for the Things That Matter (TTM) line ... and fans were quick to notice that her stomach isn't completely flat here.

10. Congrats?

Followers of the popular MTV personality left comments along the lines of "You look like you are pregnant in this photo. If you are congrats!" and "Are u pregnant?!?!?!?!!!!!"

11. Ouch

One particularly rude comment read "Ok that’s not just food." Thank you, Instagram commenter, for your polite and insightful commentary.

12. Wow

The vast majority of the comments on that photo were about pregnancy, either from people speculating that she's expecting, or people shaming others for speculating based on a photo of someone they don't even know. To say the least, it was a lot.

13. What?

But then she just added fuel to the fire when she posted this photo yesterday. Doesn't leave much to the imagination there, does it?

14. Whoa

So that's clearly her getting an ultrasound with Taylor sitting next to her, right? She shared the image on Instagram and on Twitter with the caption "It's time!"

15. Fair

Lots of people took this as an annoucement, which definitely makes sense, but along with the "It's time!" statement, she also added a link.

16. Oh Thank Goodness

Oh Thank Goodness
And the link provides a lot more information about what's happening here.

17. Right

The link, believe it or not, led to a random celebrity gossip site where a source close to Maci stated that "These rumors pop up all time. Literally for the past three years there have been innumerable times that the press has reported Maci is pregnant or that a baby bump has been spotted."

18. Well, Yeah

Well, Yeah
"It’s clear that the media and fans want Maci to be pregnant, as it’s a story that keeps popping up.” (Not the best example in this particular case, when she baited people personally to click on a link she shared on her own bio next to a friggin' ultrasound photo, but we digress.)

19. Makes Sense

Makes Sense
“The reason Maci doesn’t respond to these rumors,” the source explained, “is that if she was to respond once, she’d have to continue responding each time they came out. It would be a constant effort on her part of having to squash the stories and the rumors each time they were put out.”

20. Of Course

Of Course
“Obviously, Teen Mom focuses on parents (young ones) and having babies thematically fits with the show.”

21. The Truth

The Truth
According to this Maci insider, “While it’s annoying to have people pointing out the ‘baby bump,' at this time Maci is NOT pregnant. 100% that is false and she is not expecting a baby.” (So glad the insider cleared up the rumor they went out of their way to fuel!)

22. Not Happening

Not Happening
“At this time,” the source said, “Maci and Taylor are very content with their family. Currently, they have no interest in having another baby, so ‘trying to get pregnant’ and ‘being pregnant’ are two things that are absolutely not on their radar."

23. Well Then

Well Then
"In fact, Maci has told people that she’s good with not being pregnant anymore.”

24. But Wait!

But Wait!
But while she may be done with pregnancy, that doesn't mean she's done with adding to her family!

25. Hooray!

“Maci and Taylor have still talked about adoption in the future," the source claimed.

26. There We Go

There We Go
And so there we have it - Maci isn't pregnant, and there's a good chance she'll never get pregnant again.

27. The Mystery Remains ...

The Mystery Remains ...
But what about that one photo where everyone was sure she had a baby bump?

28. Not So Much

Not So Much
Well, if you'll remember, Maci suffers from PCOS, and one of the symptoms of that is bloating, particularly in the abdominal area.

29. Poor Maci

Poor Maci
She's said herself that that symptom is often the reason why some people think she may look pregnant in certain photos, and as we said, she's so thin as it is, so even the slightest change in appearance is likely to be noticed on the socials.

30. Going Forward

Going Forward
Really, everyone just needs to remember that unless someone tells you specifically that they're making a baby inside of their body, questions or speculation about pregnancy is just plain impolite.

31. Also This

Also This
And although of course it would be lovely if she was pregnant or adopting another baby into her loving home ... let's just chill out about it, all right?

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