Maci Bookout: Ryan Edwards Put Me Through Hell ... But I Still Love Him!

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Things got emotional on last night's episode of Teen Mom OG.

For years, Ryan Edwards substance abuse issue has been creating chaos not only for his wife, but for his ex and her family, as well.

Through it all, Maci Bookout has made it clear that she very much wants her son to have a relationship with his father -- but Bentley's safety has to come first.

So as Ryan' stint in rehab came to an end, Maci was as nervous as anyone.

And she reached out to Ryan's parents to share her concerns.

Take a look:

1. Hard Times

Hard Times
Ryan and Maci have struggled to co-parent peaceably in recent years, largely due to his substance abuse and legal issues.

2. Downward Spiral

Downward Spiral
Ryan has been arrested three times in the past 18 months.

3. Protecting Her Family

Protecting Her Family
Earlier this year, Maci was forced to file for an order of protection against Ryan after he threatened violence against her husband.

4. A Difficult Decision

A Difficult Decision
That meant, of course, that Ryan was unable to have any contact with his son Bentley.

5. Picking Up the Pieces

Picking Up the Pieces
These days, Ryan is fresh from rehab, and he has a second son, who was born while he was in treatment.

6. Turning It Around

Turning It Around
With the help of his wife, Mackenzie Standifer, Ryan is reportedly sober, and insiders say he's fully committed to staying that way.

7. A Tough Spot

A Tough Spot
All of this puts Maci in a difficult position. She wants what's best for both Ryan and Bentley -- but how does she know Edwards can be trusted with his son?

8. Heart-to-Heart

On last night's episode of Teen Mom OG, which was filmed while Ryan was still in treatment, Maci sat down with his parents, Jen and Larry Edwards.

9. Talking It Out

Talking It Out
Maci has remained close with Jen and Larry over the years, and it's clear that all involved had Ryan's best interests at heart.

10. The Good News

The Good News
Jen and Larry begin by assuring Maci that Ryan "really is doing well."

11. Taylor Talk

Taylor Talk
"This is the longest he's ever gone [to rehab], so you can tell he’s committed to it," says Maci's husband, Taylor McKinney.

12. Credit to Mackenzie

Credit to Mackenzie
At one point, Ryan's parents sing the praises of Mackenzie, who has apparently made it clear to Ryan that there's no more room for error.

13. Intensity In Tent City

Intensity In Tent City
"Mac has been really hard," Larry said. "She told him, if you don't complete this program, you can come to the pond, get your s— and live in tent city."

14. A Tearful Conversation

A Tearful Conversation
"I do know from what he’s said to me that he does want to work things out where y’all can communicate and have everybody getting along," a tearful Jen explained.

15. The Sober Ryan

The Sober Ryan
"He's very sorry about a lot of stuff, and he'll probably tell you that," she added. "The sober Ryan, I feel like he matters."

16. Ryan's Pain

Ryan's Pain
"He says he feels like he's an uncle and not a father," Larry added before bursting into tears.

17. The Drugs Talking

The Drugs Talking
"He needs to know, from all of us that he, Ryan, made bad decisions, but I think it was the addiction," Maci reassured Jen and Larry.

18. The Road Ahead

The Road Ahead
Certainly, things won't be easy for Ryan and Maci from here on out.

19. Cause For Hope

Cause For Hope
But we're sure Jen and Larry are happy to hear that Maci is so committed to helping Ryan be a part of his son's life.

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