Lion, Tiger and Bear: BFF Alert!

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Who says a lion can't be friends with a tiger and a bear? Check out these adorable pictures now!

1. Unexpected Besties

Unexpected Besties
This lion, this tiger and this bear are best friends. They live together in a George sanctuary.

2. Lion, Tiger and Bear

Lion, Tiger and Bear
Who says a lion, a tiger and a bear can't be friends? These three, who lives in a George animal sanctuary, are proving otherwise.

3. Napping Lion and Tiger

Napping Lion and Tiger
Nothing to see here, folks! Just a lion and a tiger taking an adorable nap together.

4. Bear and Tiger Nuzzle Up

Bear and Tiger Nuzzle Up
Awww, let's cuddle! This bear and this tiger are unexpected pals at an animal sanctuary in Georgia.

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