Leah Messer to Fans: Y'all Wanna Help My Cult Brainwash Some Teens?

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As we've previously reported, it appears that Leah Messer has joined a cult.

We don't mean she's been going to church five times a week or that she recently got really into CrossFit.

We mean Leah has joined an organization that has all the hallmarks of a full-blown, literal cult.

The situation has gotten so bad that Kailyn Lowry has attempted to intervene, but as is so often the case with this sort of thing, the more resistance she experiences, the more Leah doubles down on her troubling behavior.

And now, it seems she's getting her most vulnerable fans involved.

Take a look:

1. Cult Friction

Cult Friction
Leah Messer is still involved with Mastery in Transformational Training, an organization that's been described by some critics as a cult. And it seems her commitment to the group is growing stronger by the day.

2. The Offer

The Offer
Leah took to Instagram this week to offer fans a chance to meet her in person. But the opportunity came with some troubling strings attached.

3. The Event

The Event
It seems Leah will be in Los Angeles on February 1 for an event called Jam For a Cause.

4. The Pitch

The Pitch
On the surface, it doesn't sound so bad. The goal of the event is to raise money to plant 1,000 fruit trees and help at-risk teens in the LA area.

5. The Trojan Horse

The Trojan Horse
And how does will the event help those at-risk teens? Well, by sending them off to Leah's cult, of course!

6. What a Deal!

What a Deal!
Yes, for the low, low price of $30, you can meet Leah AND contribute to the brainwashing of an at-risk Los Angeles teen.

7. Nightmare Fuel

Nightmare Fuel
"Brainwashing" might sound like a harsh term, but based on testimonials from those who have escaped the organization, that's exactly what MITT does.

8. A New Low

A New Low
This isn't the first time that Leah has assisted MITT in its recruiting efforts, but it might be the most shameful.

9. A Bad Look

A Bad Look
Here we have a case in which MITT -- and, by extension, Leah -- has targeted a group that's doubly vulnerable.

10. Unforgivable

Many faith-based organizations target young people, as they tend to be more impressionable. The MITT is going after youths who are made especially vulnerable by difficult circumstances.

11. She Went There

She Went There
You might be saying to yourself, "Jeez, targeting at-risk teens? What's next, trying to bilk single moms out of their money?" And to that we say, don't worry -- Leah is way ahead of you!

12. The Hard Sell

The Hard Sell
Last month, Leah was accused of soliciting her followers in an effort to try and get them to join MITT (and send the organization lots of cash, of course).

13. Spilling the Tea

Spilling the Tea
A woman named Rachel Chitwood spoke with Radar Online about Leah's ambitious recruiting efforts.

14. Shady Behavior

Shady Behavior
“She had called but it was from a blocked number,” Rachel told Radar Online. “She started telling me about the program and stuff. And we brought up the conversation about how people thought it was a cult.”

15. A Born Saleswoman

A Born Saleswoman
“Then she asked me what I thought the organization was about and so I had no idea what it was about," Chitwood added. "I was just like ‘is it about leadership and coming together?’ And she just took what I said and ran with it, telling me ‘yes that’s exactly what it is.'”

16. Kail Steps In

Kail Steps In
Rachel told Radar that she posted about the program on her Instagram page, Leah reposted it -- and that's when Kailyn Lowry caught wind of what was going on.

17. A Good Deed

A Good Deed
“Leah then reposted it to her Instagram and that’s when Kail reached out to me warning me,” Chitwood said.

18. A Necessary Intervention

A Necessary Intervention
Yes, Kail and Leah are longtime BFFs, but it seems even Lowry is deeply disturbed by her friend's involvement in MITT.

19. Serious Stuff

Serious Stuff
“Kail tried warning me and I kind of blew her off about the whole thing. But then I had to apologize when I realized this is serious," Chitwood said.

20. She's Only One Woman

She's Only One Woman
So Kail was able to save Rachel from handing her life savings over to a bunch of cultists. But she won't be able to rescue everyone that Leah tries to recruit.

21. How It Began

How It Began
It was one thing when Leah was trying to recruit celebrities -- which is how she started out -- but now that she's going after increasingly marginalized groups, it's time for her friends to step in.

22. Kail In the Middle

Kail In the Middle
We understand Kail's reluctance to get involved, but it's clear that the time for her to do so is now.

23. A Friend In Need

A Friend In Need
Leah is getting deeper and deeper into this thing, and she's not only putting herself at risk, she's making her fans vulnerable.

24. Messer's Money

Messer's Money
Like the rest of the Teen Moms, Leah has been making a very good living for the past decade, so she'll probably emerge from this thing with her life somewhat intact.

25. A Lot on the Line

A Lot on the Line
Unfortunately, the same can't be said of everyone who trusts Leah and MITT with their money.

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