Leah Messer: I Joined a Cult, Y'all! It's Awesome and It'll Change Your Life!!!

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Celebrities and cults are two great tastes that taste great together.

Obviously, the most famous example of a pseudo-spiritual organization that exists for the singular purpose of robbing gullible actors of their royalties is Scientology.

But there are other, lesser-known cults that you might not have heard of, yet likely hold similar aspirations of one day fleecing as many D-listers as L. Ron Hubbard.

And it seems Teen Mom 2 star Leah Messer may have fallen victim.

At least it sounds like one of these organizations has gotten its tentacles around her. We could stage an intervention, but cults have a way with mind control.

Maybe signing her house over to these weirdos is the only way she'll learn. We kid, mostly, but what kind of group has she gotten involved with ... and why?

Take a look and see for yourself.

1. Sister Leah

Sister Leah
Well, we guess it was bound to happen. One of the stars of MTV's Teen Mom franchise has joined a wacky celebrity cult. We don't throw that term around lightly. That's really what this sounds like, whatever terms you want to dress it up as.

2. What a Twist!

What a Twist!
Yeah, we thought it would be Jenelle Evans or, more likely, Farrah Abraham who would take the bait first, but instead, Ms. Messer was the one to drink the Kool-Aid and immerse herself in a new, unorthodox belief system.

3. Enlightened Leah

Enlightened Leah
According to celebrity gossip stalwarts Radar Online, the West Virginia native has joined Mastery in Transformational Training, an organization that's allegedly just as culty as it sounds.

4. Beamed Up

Beamed Up
Look, we don't want to judge. We really would like to believe the group has been unfairly characterized as a cult, when in reality it's just an innocuous self-help organization. But man, Leah's tweets have been highly suspect lately.

5. Rollin' With the Chosen

Rollin' With the Chosen
It all started back on October 1, when Leah posted this picture of herself with a bunch of randos.

6. Strong Words

Strong Words
“A powerful, strong, trusting force we are! I love each and every single one of you!!" Messer captioned the picture, already evangelizing the brand. "You can count on my word!"

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