Leah Messer: Of COURSE Jenelle Evans Lost Custody of Her Kids! Are You Crazy??

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Look, we all know that Jenelle Evans isn't having the greatest time right now.

That's because her whole entire life is pretty much falling apart right now.

We haven't heard too much from her former Teen Mom 2 costars about the latest developments -- the CPS investigation, her children being taken from her home -- and that makes sense.

But now, Leah Messer is sharing her thoughts about it all.

And honestly, we couldn't agree with her more ...

1. Yay, Leah!

Yay, Leah!
Leah really does seem to be in an amazing place these days, right?

2. So Nice to See

So Nice to See
She looks so happy and healthy, and that's a huge change from just a few years ago.

3. Uh Oh

Uh Oh
While giving birth to her youngest daughter, she experienced some pretty serious complications that left her in a lot of pain. She was prescribed painkillers, then she got addicted to them. She also got addicted to Valium, something she was prescribed around the same time to deal with anxiety.

4. Bad Times

Bad Times
Teen Mom fans noticed something was off about her when she was shown nodding off a few times on the show -- you can see how bad she looked in the screenshot above.

5. Divorce

Her descent into addiction was what caused her husband at the time, Jeremy Calvert, to divorce her, and although she did go off to rehab, she still struggled to put her life back together for a while after.

6. Rock Bottom?

Rock Bottom?
At one time, she even lost custody of her twins to their father, Corey Simms, when she was unable to get them to school on time.

7. What?

But why are we bringing all of this up right now?

8. Similarities

Because all of this means that Leah might have just a tiny little idea about what Jenelle is going through right now.

9. Here We Go Again ...

Here We Go Again ...
Instead of dealing with a serious addiction (right now) (to hardcore drugs), Jenelle is dealing with a likely abusive marriage, and instead of losing partial custody of her kids, CPS removed all of them from her home.

10. Such a Mess

Such a Mess
It all started, or rather it all came to a head, a few weeks ago when David beat and killed Jenelle's dog in front of the whole family.

11. So Sad

So Sad
The local sheriff's department opened an investigation into David, and within days a detective contacted CPS to recommend all the children be removed from their care.

12. New Homes?

New Homes?
Kaiser went to Nathan, and Maryssa and Ensley went to Maryssa's grandmother's house, but Ensley was later placed with Barbara, who already has full custody of Jace.

13. No More

No More
Jace, meanwhile, isn't allowed to visit his mother until everything gets worked out.

14. Not So Fast

Not So Fast
Jenelle and David have been in court a few times to try to get their kids back, but it doesn't look like that's happening until their judge makes a permanent decision on where the children should live.

15. Sorry, Easons

Sorry, Easons
They've tried to get a new judge after claiming the one they have is biased in favor of CPS (seriously), and David has been having trouble controlling his rage, even during such serious circumstances.

16. Of Course Not

Of Course Not
So it doesn't sound like they're really making things easy here.

17. The New Normal?

The New Normal?
It looks like an absolute nightmare for everyone involved, and there doesn't seem to be any end in sight.

18. Ugh

And Leah realizes that just as much as we do.

19. Keeping Quiet

Keeping Quiet
She was asked about Jenelle's situation on the latest episode of her podcast, and at first, she didn't seem too willing to open up about it all.

20. No Comment

No Comment
“I really don’t have much to say,” she began before eventually giving her thoughts on the matter.

21. Makes Sense

Makes Sense
“I think that what happened was coming,” Leah said.

22. Same

“I really pray and hope that the kids remain safe and, you know, have a healthy life.”

23. Poor Kids

Poor Kids
Leah's always been sweet, so it's not surprising that she's focusing on the wellbeing of the children over Jenelle's insane drama -- after all, they're definitely what's important in all of this.

24. Ha!

And besides, Leah already touched on some different Jenelle drama this week!

25. Reunion Drama

Reunion Drama
If you watched this week's episode of Teen Mom 2, the first part of the reunion special, you know that Jenelle did not have a great time.

26. Get Her, Nessa!

Get Her, Nessa!
Nessa, who co-hosts the reunion with Dr. Drew, is dating Colin Kaepernick, and she brought up some posts that Jenelle had made on social media about him -- she made a fuss about him kneeling during the national anthem and said things about boycotting Nike after they did an ad with him, that kind of thing.

27. Fair Enough

Fair Enough
Jenelle said earlier in the season that it hurt her when Amber Portwood made a public statement about her issues with David instead of coming to her privately, and Nessa said that likewise, she could have talked to her about Colin instead of ranting all over social media.

28. She's Not Wrong

She's Not Wrong
And remember, Nessa has been working with Teen Mom for a long time now -- we imagine that Jenelle has interacted with her more than she has with Amber. It wouldn't be unheard of for them to have a conversation about something like this.

29. Not Feeling It

Not Feeling It
But instead of acknowledging her hypocrisy (LOL, she would never), she started crying and ran offstage.

30. Oh Good

Oh Good
From what we've seen from the sneak peeks of next week's episode, we haven't seen the end of her tantrum, either.

31. So Many Tears

So Many Tears
She was upset because she felt bullied and they were supposed to be talking about her story or whatever, but fans have been waiting for someone to actually ask tough questions during the reunions for a long time, so to see Nessa bring up the ignorant nonsense Jenelle shares on social media was definitely a step in the right direction.

32. Sorry, Jenelle!

Sorry, Jenelle!
And Leah agrees!

33. Team Nessa

Team Nessa
After the reunion episode aired on Monday night, Leah hopped on Instagram to make a quick post to her story that began with “I give mad props to Nessa."

34. Agreed

“That was a very healthy conversation that I respect you for," she said. "I admire you, actually.”

35. Go Nessa!

Go Nessa!
She then did a bit of a "Go Nessa, Go Nessa" song, because she's Leah and she's adorable.

36. A Tough Situation

A Tough Situation
She didn't say anything negative about Jenelle at all, she just complimented Nessa on trying to have a difficult discussion in a calm, respectful way -- and really, Teen Mom could use a lot more of that kind of thing.

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