Leah Messer Has a Lot to Say About Her Sister's Scandalous Pregnancy

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Another Teen Mom pregnancy has been confirmed.

Or, to be more specific, another Teen Mom universe pregnancy has been confirmed.

Leah Messer's sister, Victoria, has announced that she's expecting her third child -- which is undoubtedly exciting.

But it's also rather scandalous due to Victoria having VERY recently split from her husband and due to the identity of her third child's father.

Curious to learn more?

Anxious to read what Leah has to say about this development?


1. Victoria Could Be on Teen Mom

Victoria Could Be on Teen Mom
Seriously. Her life is as interesting and controversial as any cast member on this MTV show.

2. Why Do We Say This About Her?

Why Do We Say This About Her?
Victoria has two kids: shares a daughter named Cami with ex-husband Domenick. And she also has a daughter named and Cerenity, whom she shares with her first husband, Brian Jones.

3. So, She's Single at the Moment?

So, She's Single at the Moment?
Yes, sort of. Victoria filed for divorce from her second husband mere weeks ago. The ink is barely fresh on the legal document.

4. It's Over, Folks!

It's Over, Folks!
Victoria and Domenick are reportedly residing in separate states, as he's moved down to Florida and she remained in her native West Virginia.

5. And Victoria Has Already Moved On

And Victoria Has Already Moved On
According to numerous reports, Victoria accompanied her sister and Kailyn Lowry on their spring vacation to Costa Rica... where she met a man!

6. And Not Just Any Man!

And Not Just Any Man!
He was her rafting guide -- and he'll soon be the father of her baby!

7. Wait... What?!?

Wait... What?!?
It's true. Victoria got pregnant by some dude she met in Costa Rica, although she's now claiming the pair are totally in love and this wasn't some fling.

8. Here's the Thing, Though:

Here's the Thing, Though:
“Victoria was still married when she went to Costa Rica with Leah and Kail [Lowry] in April,” a behind-the-scenes source tells The Ashley. “She met a rafting guide there and hit it off with him and they hooked up. That’s when she became pregnant.”

9. Oh

Exactly. “She came home from that trip and told him she wanted a divorce,” the source added. “[Domenick] had no idea she was pregnant. Victoria kept it a secret so it wouldn’t hurt her fight for custody. That’s why this story was ‘leaked’ now; because the divorce has been finalized.”

10. MTV is Psyched!

MTV is Psyched!
The Ashley also confirms that MTV had Teen Mom cameras on hand for Victoria's divorce proceedings and has been filming the early stages of her pregnancy as well. She and this storyline will be part of the new season.

11. I'm in Love!

I'm in Love!
A very, very knocked up Victoria posted this photo on Instagram to emphasize how serious her new romance is, adding as a caption: "Im ready to turn the page and embrace this next chapter."

12. As Marilyn Monroe Once Said...

As Marilyn Monroe Once Said...
"Sometimes good things fall apart so better things can come together!" she added.

13. How Does Leah Feel About All This?

How Does Leah Feel About All This?
“Leah was shocked and upset that her sister was so irresponsible,” the Ashley reports. “She was filmed on camera several times yelling at her sister, asking her “What the f-ck is wrong with you?!’ She was mad her sister didn’t learn from Leah’s mistakes and was the total voice of reason.”

14. Not So Fast, Folks!

Not So Fast, Folks!
Leah has now shared this photo of her sister's baby bump online and broken her silence on the scandal.

15. Lay It on Us, Leah!

Lay It on Us, Leah!
"I was going to post this yesterday but I’m posting today instead..." Leah wrote to open this caption, adding: "Sometimes it takes your breakdown to create your breakthrough. Sis clearly had way too much fun in Costa Rica."

16. LOL? We Guess?

LOL? We Guess?
Continued Messer: "I’m always going to be here for guidance through the good and bad! We may have been dealt a shitty hand in life but that’s okay. Our mistakes and past only elevate us to greater when we choose to be better every day!!"

17. A Baby is Always a Blessing!

A Baby is Always a Blessing!
"I’m so excited to see you continue to evolve from here," she told her sister. "Everything is meant to happen for a reason, believe that! I’m happy for you and I know it’s only growth from here baby sis!"

18. In Conclusion, Leah Has One Request:

In Conclusion, Leah Has One Request:
"I'm stoked to be an Auntie again. We need a baby boy this time!"

19. When Will We Next See Victoria on Teen Mom?

When Will We Next See Victoria on Teen Mom?
TBD, folks. But safe to say we'll be tuning in for it!

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