Victoria Messer: Leah's MARRIED Sister Cheats on Husband, Gets Pregnant Out of Wedlock!!

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Well, if you were worried that Leah Messer wouldn't be bringing much drama to the table on the upcoming season of Teen Mom 2, it seems you can officially cast those fears aside. 

When the show returns to MTV next week, Leah and her family will be doing their best to make up for the absence of Jenelle Evans by delivering some serious family dysfunction.

According to The Ashley's Reality Roundup, Leah's sister Victoria Messer is pregnant with her third child.

The only problem is, Vicky is married, but the father is not her husband.

Yes, it sounds like a big ol' mess for the Messer clan.

Here's everything we know about the situation thus far:

1. The Messier Messer

The Messier Messer
Victoria has been making appearances on Teen Mom 2 for the entirety of Leah's time on the show. And she might actually be more a drama magnet than her older sister.

2. Starting Young

Starting Young
Vicky may have narrowly missed being a teen mom, but the 24-year-old has packed plenty of baby daddy drama into her young life.

3. Husband No. 1

Husband No. 1
Vicky's eldest daughter, Cami, is a product of her marriage to Brian Jones.

4. The Crapello Saga

The Crapello Saga
That relationship didn't last long, and shortly thereafter, Victoria married Domenick Crapello. Yes, that's a real name and not Jersey Shore cast member we just made up.

5. Crapped Out

Crapped Out
Victoria and Domenick have a daughter named (sigh) Cerenity together, but it seems they haven't been getting along in recent months.

6. Goodbye, Crapello

Goodbye, Crapello
In fact, she and Domenick are reportedly residing in separate states, as he's moved to Florida and she remained in her native West Virginia.

7. Semi-Single

The couple is not divorced -- or even legally separated -- but nevertheless, it seems Vicky took full advantage of her newfound freedom when she joined Leah on a recent trip to Costa Rica.

8. An Extensive Tour

An Extensive Tour
According to The Ashley, Victoria REALLY hit it off with a tour guide she met on her trip -- and she's currently pregnant with the man's baby.

9. Pesky Detail

Pesky Detail
“Victoria was still married when she went to Costa Rica with Leah and Kail [Lowry] in April,” a source tells The Ashley.

10. Rafting Without Rubber

Rafting Without Rubber
“She met a rafting guide there and hit it off with him and they hooked up. That’s when she became pregnant," the informant adds.

11. Blindsided

“She came home from that trip and told him she wanted a divorce,” the source claims.

12. Smart Move

Smart Move
“He had no idea she was pregnant. Victoria kept it a secret so it wouldn’t hurt her fight for custody," says the insider.

13. Keeping Her Secret

Keeping Her Secret
But while Domenick may have been kept in the dark, TM2 producers were reportedly aware of Vicky's pregnancy -- and they filmed all of the drama for the show's upcoming season.

14. Drama In the Islands

Drama In the Islands
“MTV has filmed at Victoria’s divorce hearings, and they even planned to film her and Leah going down to Costa Rica recently to see [the baby’s father]. The only reason they didn’t film in Costa Rica was because the budget for it was cut,” The Ashley’s source tells her.

15. Leah's Involvement

Leah's Involvement
“They knew this was way juicier than anything Leah has going on currently, so they turned it into a storyline for Leah, since she’s ‘supporting’ her sister through this," the informant reveals.

16. Mixed Feelings

Mixed Feelings
Of course, it sounds as though "supportive" might not be the best word to describe Leah's reaction to the situation.

17. Angry Leah

Angry Leah
“Leah was shocked and upset that her sister was so irresponsible,” the source says. “She was filmed on camera several times yelling at her sister, asking her “What the f**k is wrong with you?!’ She was mad her sister didn’t learn from Leah’s mistakes and was the total voice of reason.”

18. It Gets Worse ...

It Gets Worse ...
Now, it seems the entire Messer clan has gotten wrapped up in Victoria's baby daddy drama.

19. Leah Messer, Up Close

Leah Messer, Up Close
“Leah’s family has been feuding with Domenick’s family for months,” the source adds. “Leah and Domenick’s dad have gotten into it a few times on Facebook too.”

20. A Lot to Handle

A Lot to Handle
A rough situation for the Messer clan -- but great news for anyone who felt Leah's storyline fell a little flat last season!

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