Andrew Glennon: I'm Still Single ... AND I Have Video of Amber Portwood Assaulting Me!

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Things just keep getting messier and messier between Amber Portwood and Andrew Glennon.

Which is typically how things go when a person chases another person around the house with a machete.

Amber has recently been telling everyone that Andrew has cheated on her, and that he's already got a new girlfriend.

And boy, did he just shut down that mess with a brand new bombshell of his own ...

1. Here We Go Again

Here We Go Again
Boy, this feud between Amber Portwood and Andrew Glennon keeps getting more and more heated, huh?

2. Such a Mess

Such a Mess
Things were pretty quiet for a while after Amber's arrest back in July, but now? Not so much.

3. A Quick Recap

A Quick Recap
We all know what happened by now -- Amber got furious on the Fourth of July over some fireworks and took it out on Andrew.

4. Wild

She beat him with a shoe, and then later allegedly chased him around with a machete while he was holding their one-year-old son, James.

5. A Call for Help

A Call for Help
He sent a text to 911 while he held a door closed with his foot to keep her from getting to them with the weapon, and soon after, police arrived to arrest her.

6. The Charges

The Charges
She was charged with three felonies -- two counts of domestic violence and one count of criminal recklessness with a deadly weapon.

7. Keeping Quiet

Keeping Quiet
For several weeks after the arrest, Amber didn't really comment on anything. She made vague posts on Instagram about being heartbroken, but she never said anything specific.

8. Enter Dr. Drew

Enter Dr. Drew
But MTV aired the Teen Mom OG reunion special this week, and we got to see the interview she did with Dr. Drew.

9. To Say the Least

To Say the Least
And she really didn't hold back there.

10. Rude

She said that Andrew's story about her chasing him with a machete was "insane," and said that it's ridiculous to think she could do that because she hasn't been arrested since she got out of prison a few years ago (???).

11. Nice

She also made fun of him for texting 911 instead of taking James and running out of the house, which is apparently what she would have done.

12. Hilarious

Because ha ha, let's mock victims of domestic violence on national television, right?

13. Interesting

Amber also said on the reunion that Andrew moved on with another woman two weeks after she was arrested, and that “I’ve already talked to her. She’s a good person. She’s very nice. She’s very sweet.”

14. Odd

She seems to be a bit fixated on the idea of Andrew with another woman -- the rumor about him getting with someone else just a couple of weeks after arrest came out a while ago, and that's one of the things she vaguely claimed to be "heartbroken" over on Instagram.

15. Weird

Just yesterday, she posted a video on Instagram (which she quickly deleted) in which she claimed to have a "recording" of Andrew cheating on her, whatever that means.

16. Hmm ...

Hmm ...
She's said a few times now that things with Andrew weren't what she thought they were ... again, whatever that means.

17. Not So Fast

Not So Fast
Andrew has repeatedly denied being with anyone else since he broke up with Amber, and in fact, he's said that he needs another girlfriend "like I need a hole in the head."

18. Neat

And now, he's coming at us with some proof.

19. The Real Story

The Real Story
Andrew spoke with Us Weekly about Amber's statement about his new girlfriend -- he admitted that he had been talking to a woman he met on Instagram, but just because she'd been in a similar situation in her own relationship.

20. Reaching Out

Reaching Out
He said that she “had lots of advice to give," and he even shared screenshots of their text conversations.

21. Sad

In one screenshot, we see him opening up to her about how badly Amber treated him, that she was sweet and fun at the beginning of their relationship but that things slowly changed and she began tearing him down.

22. Oh Wow

Oh Wow
At one point, the woman asked him exactly what had happened the night she was arrested. He said that he'd been advised by his lawyer not to speak about that, but that "the whole thing was recorded on the house video cams," which is really very interesting.

23. Also This

Also This
At one point, Andrew told the woman "Fly out here and teach me banking," because she's a banker who lives on the east coast.

24. Getting Romantic?

Getting Romantic?
She laughed it off and said there wasn't much to it, but he replied "That's ok :) it would take my mind off everything," which does make it seem like he really did want her to fly out to him, but then he changed the topic to the stock market, so maybe not.

25. Making Moves?

Making Moves?
But just a few messages later, Andrew asked her where she was located, and when she said she lived in Connecticut, he pointed out that it would just take a couple of hours for her to fly out to see him.

26. Quick Save

Quick Save
She told him that she's engaged and that she has children, but that she can be his friend, and he said that would be great. In another exchange, she shared photos of herself and he called her "super pretty."

27. Uh Oh

Uh Oh
But on July 23rd, things took a quick turn when he texted "Did you happen to leak a story to the press about me wanting you to come to Indiana in a romantic context??"

28. Ouch

She denied it, but he tore into her anyway, saying "I don't even know you. You think just because my relationship is on the rocks I'm going to entertain a stranger coming onto me?"

29. Going Deeper

Going Deeper
He told her that she's "not a genuine person," and that "My heart is hurt, my family is broken, and you need to step the f-ck back asap. I’m not on the market, never will be.”

30. No Interest

No Interest
In his statement to Us Weekly, he said "There has never been any romantic involvement between this woman banker and I. I DO NOT want a girlfriend anytime soon and am perfectly happy being a single father raising baby James.”

31. Right, Right

Right, Right
He said that it was just "sarcasm" when he asked her to visit him, and as for telling her she was pretty, he said he was trying "to uplift someone who was bashing themselves."

32. But Wait!

But Wait!
However, an unnamed source had a different theory about all of this.

33. Getting Juicy!

Getting Juicy!
“Andrew has made a habit out of inviting girls to Indiana," the source claimed. "That woman is not the only one who he’d been talking to."

34. Fair Enough

Fair Enough
“Normally when you’re flirting with a woman you met online and you suggest she comes to visit, it isn’t really described as sarcasm.”

35. What's Real?

What's Real?
But the thing is that even if Andrew was talking to another women, or even multiple women, after the assault, he still wasn't cheating on her. It's pretty clear that things were over between them after that night.

36. Real Talk

Real Talk
And even if he was cheating on her throughout the entire relationship, that still doesn't give her the right to abuse him -- which, for the record, she admitted to doing.

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