Leah Messer: Daughter Says N-Word in Video, Fans Tear Her Apart!

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Leah Messer is pretty well-liked in the Teen Mom world these days, right?

She's made a lot of changes, she's grown up a ton, and it really does seem like most fans of the show are rooting for her.

Or at least they were.

Over the weekend, Leah shared a super questionable video to her Instagram story, one that showed one of her children saying a certain word.

And boy, is this a bad look ...

1. Aww, Leah

Aww, Leah
So Leah tries her best, she really does, bless her heart.

2. Except ...

It's just that, well, sometimes stuff happens, you know?

3. Tough Times

Tough Times
Leah has always seemed very sweet, but there's no denying she's been dealt an exceptionally difficult hand -- the girl became a teen mom to twins, and one of her twins has muscular dystrophy. Life hasn't always been a walk in the park for her.

4. More Tough Times

More Tough Times
She married Corey Simms not too long after giving birth to those twins, Gracie and Ali, and they divorced not too long after that. She then married Jeremy Calvert, they had a daughter together they named Addie, then they got divorced, too.

5. Ding Dang

Ding Dang
A big reason behind their divorce was the drug addiction Leah developed after a traumatic birth experience with Addie.

6. For Real Though

For Real Though
Can this girl ever catch a break?

7. Yikes

The drug thing was bad -- she got addicted to painkillers she was prescribed after her c-section, and she also got addicted to the Valium she was prescribed for the anxiety she developed because of the pain.

8. Sad

It really was a vicious circle.

9. The Evidence

Teen Mom 2 fans saw a little bit about how bad things got on the show -- there was a couple of scenes that showed her nodding off that were pretty hard to forget.

10. Oh No

Oh No
We also watched her lose custody of the twins to Corey because she wasn't able to get them to school on time, and there were many times that the girls complained about being hungry and Leah not having any food in the house.

11. Bye, Jeremy

Bye, Jeremy
Jeremy left her around this time, too.

12. Turning Things Around

Turning Things Around
But then she made the decision to go to rehab, and when she came back home, she really did make some big changes.

13. Doing Well

Doing Well
She went back to school for a bit, she got really into motivational speaking. Obviously we can't be sure, but it seems very clear that she's in a way better place these days.

14. Uh Oh!

Uh Oh!
And that's why it's so unfortunate that this whole mess is happening now.

15. Poor Addie

Poor Addie
So last week, Leah revealed that Addie was sick. She and Jeremy shared photos and videos from her in the hospital, and it turned out that she has mono.

16. So Pitiful

So Pitiful
The whole thing was very sad, but thankfully it seems like the girl has been feeling better.

17. Go, Girl (???)

Go, Girl (???)
We know that because on Saturday, Leah shared a video of Addie wearing a dress and bouncing around on a bed, rapping along to a Cardi B song.

18. Oh Honey No

Oh Honey No
But the song had the N-word in it. You know the one.

19. A Mistake

A Mistake
And Addie said it.

20. Nope Nope Nope

Nope Nope Nope
We don't have to explain why it's bad that a six-year-old white kid said that word, do we? We can just accept that it's bad and move on?

21. All Right, Moving On

All Right, Moving On
Good, because we've got lots more to talk about.

22. Hmmm ...

Hmmm ...
So Leah is obviously cool with letting her daughter listen to the explicit song, and she thought it was OK to take this video and then share it.

23. Oh, Leah

Oh, Leah
This goes back to what we were saying in the beginning, that we really do think Leah tries her best, but man, sometimes she really misses the mark.

24. Lots of Criticism

Lots of Criticism
And if you take a look over at the Teen Mom Reddit, you'll see that lots of people have lots of not-so-positive feelings about all of this.

25. Good Question

Good Question
"At what point did Leah think it was okay to let her daughter listen to this version of the song?" one user asked. "Then, share it to millions of people? Is she really that dumb?"

26. Obviously

Another comment read "I’m obviously not gonna drag Addie for singing the n word (she doesn’t know the meaning) but how is Leah so dumb that she’d post her kid singing along to cuss words and raunchy music?"

27. Come On

Come On
As one person wrote, "How tasteless. Whether Addie said the N word while singing along or not, she should not be listening to explicit music (specifically music with the N word in it, when she's probably way too young to understand what it means/why she shouldn't say it!) and it certainly shouldn't be filmed and put out there like this."

28. Ouch

"I know we all know that Leah isn’t smart at all but sometimes we might forget that she’s really really stupidly dumb. I’m not defending this at all but yeah, she’s an idiot," one particularly rough comment read.

29. The Very Least

The Very Least
Someone pointed out that "That's awful parenting. It's a popular song and I understand kids will sing it in school etc. but the VERY least you can do is let them listen to the clean version."

30. Tacky

"Tacky as hell for a 6 year old to even be rapping along to crap like Cardi B," another person said, "let alone using the n word like nothing. And even tackier of Leahs dumbass to be posting this crap for millions of people to see."

31. What Now?

What Now?
Was Leah in the wrong here? Is this even a big deal? Should someone be sending Addie Paw Patrol and My Little Pony DVDs so she doesn't listen to Cardi B? What's the answer here?

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