Leah Messer: Daughter Says N-Word in Video, Fans Tear Her Apart!

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Leah Messer is pretty well-liked in the Teen Mom world these days, right?

She's made a lot of changes, she's grown up a ton, and it really does seem like most fans of the show are rooting for her.

Or at least they were.

Over the weekend, Leah shared a super questionable video to her Instagram story, one that showed one of her children saying a certain word.

And boy, is this a bad look ...

1. Aww, Leah

Aww, Leah
So Leah tries her best, she really does, bless her heart.

2. Except ...

Except ...
It's just that, well, sometimes stuff happens, you know?

3. Tough Times

Tough Times
Leah has always seemed very sweet, but there's no denying she's been dealt an exceptionally difficult hand -- the girl became a teen mom to twins, and one of her twins has muscular dystrophy. Life hasn't always been a walk in the park for her.

4. More Tough Times

More Tough Times
She married Corey Simms not too long after giving birth to those twins, Gracie and Ali, and they divorced not too long after that. She then married Jeremy Calvert, they had a daughter together they named Addie, then they got divorced, too.

5. Ding Dang

Ding Dang
A big reason behind their divorce was the drug addiction Leah developed after a traumatic birth experience with Addie.

6. For Real Though

For Real Though
Can this girl ever catch a break?

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