Farrah Abraham Bashes Sophia: I Work Hard & I'm Smarter Than You Think You Little Brat!

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Farrah and Sophia Abraham are about as close as a mother and daughter can get.

We suppose that will happen when you pull your daughter out of school so she can serve as your constant fashion accessory.

But it seems the besties and business partners have the occasional spat, and naturally, when she fights with her 10-year-old daughter, Farrah immediately rushes to tell the entire world about it.

Take a look:

1. Mother Abraham

Mother Abraham
Sophia is by her mother's side at all times. Farrah has often tried to give fans the impression that she and her daughter always get along.

2. Partners In Fame

Partners In Fame
Sophia, of course, has been around for almost as long as her mother has been famous.

3. In It Together

In It Together
And as much as Farrah likes to think of herself as a self-made woman, she quite literally could not have landed a spot in the 16 and Pregnant/Teen Mom franchise, were it not for Sophia.

4. The Good Life

The Good Life
Sophia has benefited greatly from her years as Farrah's sidekick, and it seems the elder Abraham sometimes feels that her daughter is insufficiently grateful.

5. Vlog Venting

Vlog Venting
As we've discussed previously, Farrah shared some surprising thoughts on Sophia during a recent video blog.

6. Any Order a Word Salad?

Any Order a Word Salad?
The video is classic Farrah, which means large segments of it don't really make any sense at all.

7. See It to Believe It

But still, you've got to check it out just to see what it looks like when a grown-ass woman has her feelings hurt by her daughter and then hops on YouTube to tell the whole world about it.

8. Unintentional Gold

Unintentional Gold
For comic relief, we recommend skipping to the part toward the end where Farrah predicts that a fellow pedestrian is "gonna check me out," and then he totally doesn't.

9. The Breakdown

The Breakdown
But then flip back to the beginning so that you can her Farrah break down her latest breakdown.

10. To Be Fair ... You Don't Seem Like You Went to College

To Be Fair ... You Don't Seem Like You Went to College
“I had kind of a breakdown today, literally like lost it,” Farrah said, “because Sophia, like, totally forgot that I went to college, she totally forgot, like, what I have my degrees in. She acted like she purely just was random and, like, existed out of nowhere.”

11. Triggered

Yes, Farrah is pissed -- PISSED! -- that her daughter hasn't memorized her Wikipedia page.

12. Does She Know She's Talking About a 10-Year-Old?

Does She Know She's Talking About a 10-Year-Old?
“I wish Sophia all the best,” Farrah continued. “I support her and everything she does."

13. Here Come the Wild Accusations

Here Come the Wild Accusations
"Just, when you kind of lie about your mom and you’re, like: ‘I don’t know how my mom got here. She’s just here, I’m just here.’ Like, we all know that I’ve worked really, really, really hard," Farrah blathered on.

14. Keeps Getting Better

Keeps Getting Better
Eventually, Sophia apologized, probably because she was embarrassed to see her mom break down over an unintentional insult from a child.

15. Making It Right

Making It Right
“She was, like: ‘I’m sorry mom that I totally forgot you went to college, forgot that you know what you’re talking about, forgot that I was in stores and doing things and, like, you had me along, and I actually have learned that,'” Farrah told the camera.

16. Just Getting Warmed Up

Just Getting Warmed Up
But if you thought she would let the whole thing drop there, you don't know Farrah.

17. Is Farrah a Mob Boss?

Is Farrah a Mob Boss?
"Sophia now has this great opportunity," Ms. Abraham ranted. "I love her so much. I’m supporting her in it, and when she was not understanding, and not paying tribute, or being grateful — I think I have a big thing about gratitude right now in my life."

18. Life Advice From Farrah Abraham

Life Advice From Farrah Abraham
"You probably should be grateful for every little experience, grateful for your heritage, grateful for your background, grateful for your grandma, grateful for your mom," Farrah continued.

19. She's Still Going

She's Still Going
"And we all know I haven’t gotten along…with my family for some time, but now everything’s kind of resonated and it’s beautiful," Sophia's mom went on. "It’s really great, and I just don’t want Sophia being entitled, thinking like she should just have stuff given…I think that’s where I’m coming from. I was really hurt."

20. What If the Person Is Your Daughter?

What If the Person Is Your Daughter?
"Don’t live for one person. Don’t live for your responsibilities. Just live for you," Farrah said, in summation.

21. Well ... This Got Dark Fast

Well ... This Got Dark Fast
"We know how dark the world is, don’t we all? But life’s also so great," Farrah concluded. We assume she's now off someplace listening to the Smiths and weeping gently.

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