Farrah Abraham Bashes Sophia: I Work Hard & I'm Smarter Than You Think You Little Brat!

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Farrah and Sophia Abraham are about as close as a mother and daughter can get.

We suppose that will happen when you pull your daughter out of school so she can serve as your constant fashion accessory.

But it seems the besties and business partners have the occasional spat, and naturally, when she fights with her 10-year-old daughter, Farrah immediately rushes to tell the entire world about it.

Take a look:

1. Mother Abraham

Mother Abraham
Sophia is by her mother's side at all times. Farrah has often tried to give fans the impression that she and her daughter always get along.

2. Partners In Fame

Partners In Fame
Sophia, of course, has been around for almost as long as her mother has been famous.

3. In It Together

In It Together
And as much as Farrah likes to think of herself as a self-made woman, she quite literally could not have landed a spot in the 16 and Pregnant/Teen Mom franchise, were it not for Sophia.

4. The Good Life

The Good Life
Sophia has benefited greatly from her years as Farrah's sidekick, and it seems the elder Abraham sometimes feels that her daughter is insufficiently grateful.

5. Vlog Venting

Vlog Venting
As we've discussed previously, Farrah shared some surprising thoughts on Sophia during a recent video blog.

6. Any Order a Word Salad?

Any Order a Word Salad?
The video is classic Farrah, which means large segments of it don't really make any sense at all.

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