Catelynn Lowell: Still Planning Pregnancy Despite Trip to Rehab?!

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As you probably know, Catelynn Lowell entered a rehab facility last month to get help for her longstanding issues with depression and anxiety.

But, as we're seeing now in the current season of Teen Mom OG, before she left, she and her husband, Tyler Baltierra, were strongly considering the possibility of having another child.

So ... what's the plan now?

1. Tough Times

Tough Times
Teen Mom fans will know that Catelynn has suffered from depression and anxiety for years now, but that things got way, way worse after she gave birth to her daughter, Nova. Because postpartum depression is no joke.

2. A Long Journey

A Long Journey
Catelynn gave birth to Nova in January of 2015, but it wasn't until March of 2016 that she finally decided to seek treatment for the postpartum depression. It was then that she first sought help at a treatment center.

3. Still Struggling

Still Struggling
It wasn't an immediate fix though, and when she returned home, she continued to struggle with her mental health.

4. Taking Its Toll

Taking Its Toll
Things got so bad that Tyler once told her that it was "too hard" supporting her through everything, and that he couldn't do it forever. For a while there, we honestly wouldn't have been surprised if they broke up.

5. Getting Better ...

Getting Better ...
At some point this year though, things seemed to turn around a bit. Catelynn seemed a bit happier, and she and Tyler appeared to be more in love than ever.

6. Not So Fast

Not So Fast
But even though it looked like things were getting better for her, we quickly learned that things had gotten much, much worse when she revealed last month that she'd be checking into rehab again after experiencing some suicidal thoughts.

7. So Sad

So Sad
“On November 17 I thought of every way possible to commit suicide," she revealed in a statement, "from wrapping a belt around my neck to just running my car into an electric pole.”

8. Getting Through It

Getting Through It
So for the past few weeks now, Cate has been staying at a treatment center in Arizona while Tyler stays up in Michigan to care for their daughter. They've been to visit her a few times, and there's no word yet on when she'll come home.


All of this, of course, is information that we already knew. But the new season of Teen Mom OG is airing right now, and in the two episodes we saw this week, we learned some pretty shocking information: just a few months ago, Catelynn and Tyler were planning on having another child.

10. Surprise!

They've both talked about how they want at least one more child, and Tyler told her in a recent episode that when she is pregnant, he wants to be surprised by the news. He told her that he wanted her to take care of getting "fertile," and to keep everything to herself until she had that positive pregnancy test.

11. Oh, Tyler ...

Oh, Tyler ...
It was kind of an odd request, but Catelynn did honor his wishes -- or at least she started to honor his wishes. In the first of the new episodes this week, she made an appointment to get her IUD taken out, but she fibbed to Tyler and told him she was getting a pap smear.

12. Second Thoughts

Second Thoughts
But before she could continue carrying out the plan, she decided that she simply wasn't ready to have another baby. Between their new house and its renovations, their new clothing business, and their toddler, she felt like it wasn't the right time.

13. Not the Right Time

Not the Right Time
Tyler agreed with her -- he even revealed that he'd been so stressed out with everything that he hadn't been able to sleep. So, you know, a new baby probably wouldn't be the best idea.

14. What Now?

What Now?
So what's next? They're obviously very serious about wanting another baby, but with Catelynn's mental health in the state it's in, when would be the right time? Would she actually consider going through with these plans when she returns home from rehab?

15. A Hands-Off Approach

A Hands-Off Approach
According to a source close to the couple who spoke with OK! magazine, before Catelynn left for rehab, pregnancy “was something that they kind of felt, if it happens then it happens."

16. Understandable Fears

Understandable Fears
“Catelynn was so scared because of her postpartum depression," the insider continued, "but after they bought the new house Tyler really started pushing for a boy.”

17. The New Plan

The New Plan
And so whenever Catelynn does come home, they'll continue holding off on adding any new family members -- at least for a while.

18. Makes Sense

Makes Sense
“Their main focus is getting Catelynn better and making sure she’s okay on her new medication,” the source explained. “Some medications make pregnancy really difficult and right now I think they’re both very scared about postpartum coming back.”

19. Good Luck!

Good Luck!
Whatever Catelynn and Tyler decide to do, however they decide to do it, we wish nothing but the best for one of Teen Mom's cutest couples!

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