Leah Messer & Jason Jordan: It's Over!

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A lot has changed for the better in Leah Measer's life these past few years.

But sadly, it looks like the Teen Mom 2 star remains abysmally unlucky in love.

According to The Ashley's Reality Roundup, Leah and Jason Jordan have called it quits. Again.

And this time, it sounds like messy split will be permanent.

Take a look:

1. A Rocky Romance

A Rocky Romance
Though Leah and Jason just started dating in the summer of 2018, their relationship had many ups and downs.

2. The First Split

The First Split
Leah and Jason called it quits back in October, but they reconciled in time for the holidays.

3. Home For the Holidays

Messer and Jordan never officially announced that they were back together, but videos of the couple spending time together on Thanksgiving and Christmas seemed to send a pretty clear message.

4. Happy Family

Happy Family
Leah and Jason moved quicly from the start and he's been heavily featured in the current season of Teen Mom 2.

5. The Writing on the Wall

The Writing on the Wall
But it seems that Leah's eagerness to make the relationship work led her to ignore some troubling warning signs.

6. Intervention

Now, largely due to the advice of loved ones, it seems Leah has once again kicked Jason to the curb.

7. Another Mess For Messer

Another Mess For Messer
“The first time they broke up, Leah’s manager basically told her that Jason was no good and that she needed to dump him, so Leah did,” one insider tells The Ashley.

8. Fool Me Once ...

Fool Me Once ...
“The manager felt Jason was too controlling of Leah, but Leah still wanted to be with him even after the breakup, so that’s why they got back together," says the source.

9. More Than a Manager

More Than a Manager
That may sound like some awfully personal advice from an employee, but as The Ashley points out, Leah is so close with her manager that they host a podcast together.

10. No Input Needed

No Input Needed
But the second time Leah kicked Jason to the curb, she did so with no advice from loved ones.

11. Coming to Her Senses

Coming to Her Senses
“This time they split because he had become even more controlling of Leah and she realized it for herself,” the source says.

12. Overstepping His Bounds

Overstepping His Bounds
“He was very jealous and was basically trying to run her life," the informant adds.

13. Not Out of the Woods

Not Out of the Woods
The Ashley reports that the breakup happened about two weeks ago. But it seems Jason's not taking "no" for an answer.

14. Take the Hint!

Take the Hint!
The site reports that Jordan has been "actively" trying to win Leah back in the weeks since she broke up with him.

15. Not Giving In

Not Giving In
Sounds a little creepy, but fortunately, it seems Leah is sticking to her guns on this one.

16. Dropping Hints

Dropping Hints
Leah has yet to publicly confirm the split, but she recently posted a meme that many have interpreted as her way of throwing shade at Jason.

17. Big Mood

Big Mood
“When someone shows you who they are believe them,” the meme read. Leah added, “Facts.”

18. Delayed Drama

Delayed Drama
Leah recently wrapped filming on Teen Mom 2 Season 9A, so it's unlikely that the breakup will be featured on that set of episodes.

19. More Where That Came From

More Where That Came From
Fortunately, the show was recently picked up for season 9B, so get ready for even more of Leah's turbulent love life!

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