Larissa Lima: Get to Know Her Hot Younger Boyfriend, Eric!

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Back in February, we revealed that Larissa Lima was dating a hot, young boy toy.

At the time, it had only been about a month since she had gotten out of her horrible, toxic 90 Day Fiance marriage.

Three months later, it's clear that this is more than just a rebound relationship.

They're really boyfriend and girlfriend.

In fact, Larissa and Eric seem crazy about each other.

Take a look below and learn all that we know about Erickee.

1. Larissa has a boyfriend!

Larissa has a boyfriend!
As we reported at the time, Larissa joined Tinder just a few weeks after her marriage to Colt Johnson came to its horrifying conclusion.

2. His name is Eric

His name is Eric
Eric Foster, or "Erickee" as she sometimes calls him, is a young, hot guy.

3. They've been dating for months

They've been dating for months
Larissa joined Tinder, making it clear that she was looking for a real relationship rather than for a hookup. That is how she met Eric.

4. He brings her flowers

He brings her flowers
More than once, Larissa has been sure to illustrate how Eric showers her with affection and love, giving her lots of hugs. And, yes, flowers.

5. It's meant a lot to her

It's meant a lot to her
That sounds pretty standard for a romantic relationship, right? Well, Larissa had just been in her disastrous marriage to Colt, so this was like a breath of fresh air.

6. Eric is 27 years old

Eric is 27 years old
He was 26 when the two of them started dating, and only had his birthday back in April. That makes him several years younger than Larissa. Good for her!

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